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SHOKKAN (Shibuya)

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食幹 outside
Shibuya is a town more focused on younger people (teenagers to early 20's) and because of this, there aren't many good washoku restaurants where adults can enjoy, but SHOKKAN is one of them.

食幹 inside
Shokkan's chef worked at various washoku restaurants before opening his own place just a few years ago. Most of his creations aren't typical washoku (Japanese food), and adds a twist to it.

食幹 生野菜とトマト味噌
Here are some of those dishes. NAMAYASAI TOH TOMATO MISO (Vegetables sticks with Tomato Miso),

食幹 秋刀魚と苦瓜 ポン酢のジュレ
SANMA TOH NIGAURI NO PONZU JURE (Sword fish & Bitter Gourd with Ponzu Jelly),

食幹 ハマグリの酒蒸しとにこごり
HAMAGURI NO SAKAMUSHI TOH NIKOGORI (Sake steamed clams with its jellied broth),

食幹 穴子と湯葉の天ぷら
ANAGO TOH YUBA NO TEMPURA (Tempura of Sea eel wrapped with Tofu skin),

食幹 冬瓜の蟹玉あん掛け
TOHGAN NO KANITAMA ANKAKE (Steamed winter melon dressed with starchy crab meat sauce),

食幹 桃の白和え
MOMO NO SHIRAAE (Peach dressed with Tofu sauce),

食幹 ぱえりあ
PAELLA (Paella Shokkan style).

食幹 お造り
And of course, they have dishes available like other Japanese restaurants like OTSUKURI (Sashimi),

JIDORI 食幹 地鶏焼き
YAKI (Broiled Chicken)

食幹 鮎の塩焼き
AYU NO SHIOYAKI (Broiled Sweetfish),

食幹 豚の炭火焼

食幹 下仁田葱焼き
SHIMONITA NEGIYAKI (Broiled Shimonita spring onion),

食幹 アイス最中
For desert, they have dishes like ICE MONAKA (Japanese wafers filled with ice cream),

食幹 つけめん
but before dessert you can finish your dinner with TSUKUMEN (Cold ramen noodles with dipping broth), which is usually not served at washoku restaurants.

食幹 inside enlarge
They do have course menu for 5,000 or 7000 yen, which half of the customers go for and great value. So if you are looking for an affordable washoku restaurant near Shibuya with good atmosphere, see the chef cook right in front of you, do consider Shokkan. They also serve lunch where they have 2-3 set menu's for 1,000 yen or so.

SHOKKAN (in Japanese, 食幹)
Address: 3-5-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (B1F Hakka Bldg)
(in Japanese, 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-5-5 HAKKAビル B1F)
Nearest train station: JR or Tokyo Metro Shibuya (7 min walk)
Tel: 03-3797-1911
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.discovery-t.com/
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Friday 11:45am-2pm, 6pm-10:30pm
Saturday & Holiday 6pm-9:30pm
Closed: Sunday

Prices: Dishes from 450-3,280 yen
Course menu 5,000 or 7,000 yen

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nice place. the paella looks nice. Oh! I wonder what u use to take pictures?
2012.01.21 20:14 | URL | お名前 #JyN/eAqk [edit]
> nice place. the paella looks nice. Oh! I wonder what u use to take pictures?

just a normal small fujifilm camera....nothing special.
2012.01.21 23:47 | URL | Tokyo Joe #- [edit]

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