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ICARO (Nakameguro)

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イカロ outside
There are more Southern Italian restaurants in Tokyo than Northern Italian, but my favorite restaurant in all of Tokyo for the last couple of years is an Northern Italian restaurant owned by Miyamoto brothers at Nakameguro called ICARO.

イカロ 宮本
Five years ago, I was watching a late night TV program about young chefs who wanted to open their own restaurant one day. These chefs would create one dish for five famous food critics and if all five of them said "It's delicious", the chef would win 10 million yen to be used to open his own restaurant. About 30 chefs challenged these critics, but only 2 won and chef Miyamoto was one of them.

イカロ パッパルデッレ 蝦夷鹿の煮込みソース
The dish he created was PAPPARDELLE EZOJIKA NIKOMI (Pappardelle with Ezo deer stew). I've never had pasta with deer stew/ragu, so this dish remained in my memory. 2 yrs later, a friend of mine who is a freelance food writer told me that a really good Northern Italian restaurant opened near his apartment and wanted to take me. We went that evening and when I opened the menu and saw Pappardelle Ezojika Nikomi, I asked the waiter if the chef was on that TV program. Of course, he was and after trying his creations, he got me hooked.

イカロ イワシのコンフィ 賀茂茄子・スカモルツァチーズ
Not only his pasta's were delicious, but his anti pasto as well. Here are some of them. IWASHI NO CONFIT AGE KAMONASU SCAMORZA CHEESE (Grilled Sardine with deep fried Kamo eggplant & Scamorza cheese),

イカロ 駿河湾 赤座エビとういきょう カラスミのサラダ
ASASA EBI UIKYO KARASUMI NO SALAD (Scampi salad with fennel & bottarga),

イカロ ポルチーニ茸のインパナート アイオリソース
PORCINI DAKE NO IMPANATO AIOLI SAUCE (Deep fried porcini mushrooms with aïoli sauce),

イカロ うなぎのマリネ
UNAGI NO MARINE (Marinated eel),

イカロ じゃがいもをまとった白子のソテー アラビアータソース
JYAGAIMO WO MATOTTA SHIRAKO NO SAUTE ALL'ARRABBIATA SAUCE (Sauteed Cod soft row rapped with shredded potato all'Arrabbiata sauce) ,

イカロ 熊本馬肉のタルタル 赤玉ネギのアグロドルチェ
KUMAMOTO BANIKU NO TARU TARU (Horse meat tartar steak),

イカロ イカロ風サラダ
and ICARO FU SALAD (Icaro style salad).

イカロ じゃがいものニョッキ ラグーソース
For primo piatto, dishes like JYAGAIMO NO GNOCCHI RAGU SAUCE (Potato gnocchi with ragu),

イカロ スパゲッティ- キタッラ スペック 玉ネギ ペコリーノチーズ黒胡椒
CHITARRA NO SPECK TAMANEGI PECORINO CHEESE KIRO KOSHO (Chitarra pasta with Speck ham, onions, Pecorino cheese & black pepper),

イカロ イタリア産グリーンピースのリゾット
ITALIA SAN NO GREEN PEAS RISOTTO (Risotto with green peas from Italy),

イカロ 絶品!トルテッリーニ・イン・ブロード
TORTELLINI IN BRODO (Tortellini in soup),

イカロ スパゲッティー イタリア産からすみのアーリオオーリオ
ITALIA SAN NO KARASUMI AGLIO OLIO SPAGHETTINI (Spaghettini in aglio olio sauce with bottarga),

イカロ ビーツのラビオリ けしの実の香り
BEETS NO RAVIOLI KESHI NO MI NO KAORI (Beets ravioli poppy seed flavor),

イカロ フレッシュポルチーニ茸のタリオリーニ
FRESH PORCINI DAKE NO TAGLIATELLE (Tagliatelle with fresh porcini mushroom),

イカロ 桜海老とドライトマトのパスタ
SAKURA EBI TOH DRY TOMATO NO PASTA (Pasta with Sakura shrimp & dry tomatoes),

イカロ 仔牛と鶏レバーのラビオリ サマートリュフ
and if you happen to be dining here during the summer, KOUSHI TOH TORI LIVER NO RAVIOLI SUMMER TRUFFLE (Veal and chicken liver paste ravioli with summer truffles) is a must.

イカロ チンタセネーゼ 肩ロースのグリル
Second piatto, dishes like CINTASENESE NO KATA ROSU GRILL (Broiled shoulder of Cintasenese pork),

イカロ トリッパのトマト煮
TRIPPA NO TOMATO NIKOMI (Tripe with tomato sauce),

イカロ ハンガリー産乳飲み仔羊のグリエ
HUNGARY SAN NO CHINOMI KOUSHI GRILL (Broiled veal from Hungary),

イカロ 牛ほほ肉の煮込み グーラッシュ
GYU HOHONIKU GULASCH (Beef cheek gulasch),

イカロ 山鳩のロースト
YAMABATO NO ROAST (Roasted turtledove),

イカロ 秋刀魚のコンフィとスカモルツァチーズのソテー
SANMA NO CONFIT TOH SCAMORZA CHEESE NO SAUTE (Pacific saury confit with sauteed Scamorza cheese),

イカロ 北海道北見産子羊のロースト瞬間燻製
KOHITSUJI NO ROAST SHUKAN KUNSEI (Roasted lamb instantly smoked),

イカロ 白金豚スペアリブとサルシッチャ 白インゲン豆のトマト煮
and HAKUKINTON SPARE RIB TOH SALSICCIA SHIRO INGEN MAME TOMATO NI (Hakukin pork spare rib & grilled Salsiccia sausage with white kidney beans in tomato sauce).

イカロ カタラーナ
Finally for dolce, they have CATALANA, APPLE STRUDEL and GELATO.

イカロ inside
Icaro has counter seats and even though its a fairly new restaurant the interior is simple and normal. It may not be a place for a romantic date, but their food and service is exceptional. Chef Miyamoto enjoys using wild game and is one of the few young Italian chef's who does. They have a good selection of wine, which is offered at a very reasonable price. Just double the price of retail, when most other restaurants charge at least triple. If you love wine and Northern Italian food for a reasonable price, Icaro is as good as it gets. Its a 1 star restaurant on Michelin guide, for those of you who trust it.

イカロ menu

ICARO (in Japanese, イカロ)
Address: 2-44-24 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (COMS Nakameguro 4th Floor)
(in Japanese, 東京都目黒区上目黒2-44-24 COMS中目黒 4F)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro or Tokyu Toyoko Hibiya (7 min walk)
Tel: 03-5724-8085
Reservations: Yes (must)
Website: http://www.icaro-miyamoto.com/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: No, but in Italian
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Friday 6pm-11pm, Saturday & Holiday 5:30pm-10pm
Closed: Sunday

Prices: Antipasto 1,600-3,000 yen
Primo Piatto 1,600-3,000 yen
Second Piatto 2,800- 4,500 yen
Dolce 700 yen

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