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HORAIYA (Ueno/Okachimachi)

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蓬莱屋 outside
There are three famous Tonkatsu restaurants in the Ueno area, which are called Ueno Tonkatsu Gosanke. All three of these restaurants have been open for at least 70 years, but first Tonkatsu restaurant to serve pork fillet tonkatsu instead of pork loin tonkatsu is HORAIYA at Ueno/Okachimachi.

蓬莱屋 ひれかつ
They only have 4 dishes and their most popular one is FILLET KATSU TEISHOKU (Pork fillet cutlet with rice and miso soup) for 2,900 yen. 99% of the customers order this,

蓬莱屋 ひれかつ 2
The famous film director from 1930-50's, Yasujiro Ozu was a regular here and had this delivered to the studios often for lunch. Because of this many of his fan's from around the world visit Horaiya and enjoy what he enjoyed.

蓬莱屋 ひれかつ 1
It comes with rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables. (All three other dishes do as well)

蓬莱屋 ひと口かつ
Next is HITOKUCHI KATSU TEISHOKU (Bit-sized pork fillet cutlet with rice and miso soup) for 2,900 yen. The only difference is that the fillet is cut into small pieces first before frying it.

蓬莱屋 串かつ
It you aren't that hungry and want less tonkatsu, there is KUSHI KATSU TEISHOKUI (Pork fillet cutlet kebab with rice and miso soup) for 1,900 yen. The fillet is thinly sliced instead of the normal tonkatsu size.

蓬莱屋 東京物語膳
And if you want to enjoy both Hitokuchi Kastu & Kushi Katsu, you can try TOKYO MONOGATARI ZEN (Mix of kebab & bit-sized pork cutlet in a bento box) for 2,400 yen. Tokyo Monogatari is one of the famous movies from Yasujiro Ozu and this dish was named after the movie to honor him. Unlike the other dishes, this comes with a scoop of ice cream.

蓬莱屋 inside
Horaiya opened in 1912 and is one of the oldest tonkatsu restaurants in Japan. When the chef/owner passed away a couple of years ago, for several years the tonkatsu was over cooked and left many regulars disappointed. But over the last year or so, things have improved and on most days the quality of tonkatsu is as good as the past. It maybe a little expensive compared to other tonkatsu restaurants but if you are in Ueno/Okachimachi area its worth the stop for lunch or dinner.

蓬莱屋 menu

HORAIYA (in Japanese, 蓬莱屋)
Address: 3-28-5 Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都台東区上野3-28-5)
Nearest train station: JR Okachimachi (3 min walk),
Tokyo Metro Ueno Hirokoji (2 min walk) or Toei Subway Ueno-Okachimachi (2 min walk)
Tel: 03-3831-5783
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.ueno-horaiya.com/hp/english.html
English menu: None
Credit Card: VISA only
Open: Monday-Friday 11:30am-1:30pm, 5pm-7:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-7:30pm
Closed: Wednesday (if Wednesday is a national holiday, the following thurthday will be close)

Prices: Fillet Katsu Teishoku (Pork fillet cutlet with rice and miso soup) 2,900 yen
Hitokuchi Katsu Teishoku (Bit-sized pork fillet cutlet with rice and miso soup) 2,900 yen
Kushi Katsu Teishoku (Pork fillet cutlet kebab with rice and miso soup) 1,900 yen
Tokyo Monogatari Zen (Mix of kebab & bit-sized pork cutlet in a bento box) 2,400 yen

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