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My last post of the year is a down to earth cheap and great stand up izakaya in the middle of Ginza. This is where the recent HIGHBALL (Scotch whiskey and soda with lemon twist) boom started and one of my favorite places to grab a quick drink or bite before going to dinner nearby. That izakaya is TACHINOMI MARUGIN at Ginza better known as just MARUGIN.

立呑みマルギンinside 1
You can start out with a beer like most Japanese do, but its almost a must to have a Highball.

立呑みマルギンgyukushi garlic 280
Every dish is cheap and easy for your wallet. Here are some examples......GYUKUSHI GARLIC (Broiled beef with fried garlic chips) for 280 yen per skew,

立呑みマルギンgyukushi oroshi 280
GYUKUSHI OROSHI (Broiled beef with grated Japanese radish) for 280 yen per skew,

立呑みマルギン 極上レバー100円
GOKUJYO LIVER (Broiled prime chicken liver) for 100 yen per skew,

立呑みマルギン 半熟うずら串 160円
HANKYU UZURA KUSHI (Broiled soft boiled quail eggs) for 160 yen per skew,

立呑みマルギン 左=砂肝(160円)×2。右=はつ(160円
SUNAGIMO (Broiled chicken gizzard) and HATSU (Broiled chicken heart) each for 160 yen per skew,

立呑みマルギン gekikara choriso 200
GEKIKARA CHORIZO (Broiled extra spicy chorizo sausage) for 200 yen per skew,

立呑みマルギン ポテサラ・紙カツ
POTESALA (Potato salad) for 380 yen and KAMIKATSU (Deep fried thinly sliced pork) for 190 yen per piece,

立呑みマルギン マカロニサラダ
MACARONI SALAD for 380 yen,

立呑みマルギン キャベツコンビーフ
KYABETSU CORN BEEF ( Stir fried cabbage and corned beef) for 380 yen,

立呑みマルギン 牛蒡揚げ
GOBOH NO KARAAGE (Deep fried burdock) for 280 yen,

立呑みマルギン 冷奴 280円
and HIYAYAKO (Cold tofu) for 280 yen.

The interior or concept of this place is bringing you back to the Showa period. (1950-70's), the good old days of Japan before becoming fully modernized like now. As you can tell most of the dishes are between 160-380 yen. There are some rice & noodles dishes over 380 yen, but they are also less then 680 yen. It doesn't get much cheaper and better in Ginza so if you just want to have a drink or light bite before you go out or need a drink before returning to your hotel or even having an easy dinner do consider Marugin.


TACHINOMI MARUGIN (in Japanese, 立呑みマルギン)
Address: 3-41-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区銀座7-1 銀座コリドー通り105)
Nearest train station: JR Yurakucho or Tokyo Metro Ginza (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3571-8989
Reservations: Yes
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 5pm-6am
Closed: Sunday

Prices: Yakitori 100-160 yen per stick
Buta No Kushiyaki (Grilled pork on stick) 180 yen per stick
Gyu No Kushiyaki (Grilled beef on stick) 280 yen per stick
Other Kushiyaki 180-280 yen
Fried Dishes 120-380 yen
Other Dishes 280-680 yen
Drinks 390-550 yen

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