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ぶち旨屋 outside
Japanese pizza or pancake is probably the easiest way to explain what Okonomiyaki is. There are mainly two types, Kansai (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto area) or Hiroshima-style. Kansai-style is a mix of flour, cabbage, egg, meats or seafood and looks like a thick pancake. Hiroshima-style has soba (egg noodles) & shredded cabbage in between a thin layer of crepe. There are only a handful of okonomiyaki restaurants in Tokyo as good as the one's in Kansai or Hiroshima, and BUCHIUMAYA at Shinjuku is one of few good Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki restaurants.

ぶち旨屋 inside
Okonomiyaki is cooked on a teppan (large iron plate) right in front of you. Crape will be made by using okonomiyaki batter first and right next to it soba will be cooked. Once the soba is ready then it will go on top of the crape. Shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, 2-3 slices of pork belly, and ikaten (dry squid tempura) will be added on top. Next okonomiyaki batter will be on top of this. They will flip the okonomiyaki a couple of times so it will cook evenly and then pressed by covering it with a round iron presser.

ぶち旨屋 肉玉そば
When its ready to serve, okonomiyaki sauce (sweet dark sauce made out of fruits, vegetables and meats) and aonori (green laver) will be added. The most popular okonomiyaki is Nikutama (Plain okonomiyaki) for 850 yen.

ぶち旨屋 肉玉そば 2
Instead of using chopsticks to eat it, you use a KOTE (iron spatula).

ぶち旨屋 ネギかけ肉玉そば(イカ天入り) 1,100円 プラス 半熟双子月見のせ100円
My favorite is NEGI KAKE TSUKIMI NIKUTAM (Okonomiyaki with green onions & fried egg) for 1,200 yen. Egg's used all have two egg yolks in one egg.

ぶち旨屋 肉玉そばネギトッピング
If you don't want a fried egg, but like green onions then try NEGI KAKE NIKUTAMAi (Okonomiyaki with green onions) for 1,150 yen.

ぶち旨屋 もちチーズ肉玉うどん
They also have original okonomiyaki's like MOCHI CHEESE NIKUTAMA (Okonomiyaki with cheese & sticky rice cake) for 1,350 yen. You can also choose either soba or udon (white thick noodles) for noodles inside your okonomiyaki, but soba is more common and popular. The above Mochi Cheese Nikutama has udon in it.

ぶち旨屋 あぶりイカ天
They also have various side dishes like ABURI IKATEN (Grilled dry squid tempura) for 600 yen,

ぶち旨屋 鶏肉の鉄板焼き

ぶち旨屋 トンペイ焼き
TOPPEIYAKI YUZUPONZU AJI (Pork, green onions, egg omelet cooked on teppan with yuzuponzu sauce) for 600 yen,

ぶち旨屋 イカ焼き
and SURUMEIKA NO BUTTER SHOYU YAKI (Grilled squid with butter and soy sauce) for 700 yen.

ぶち旨屋 inside 1
Buchiumaya use to be open for lunch, but since they have become so popular the owner/chef was over worked and they are only open for dinner now. If you wanna try Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki in Shinjuku, Buchiumaya is probably the best place to go and even my friends from Hiroshima all agree with me.

ぶち旨屋 outside 2

BUCHIUMAYA (in Japanese, ぶち旨屋)
Address: 7-22-34, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都新宿区西新宿7-22-34)
Nearest train station: JR, Tokyo Metro, or Toei Subway Shinjuku (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-3364-0807
Reservations: No
Website: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/a836200/lang/en/
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 5:30pm-10:30pm (closes earlier when soldout)
Closed: Sunday & Holiday

Prices: Nikutama (Plain okonomiyaki) 850 yen
Hanjuku Futago Tsukimi Nikutama (Okonomiyaki with fried egg) 950 yen
Negi Kake Nikutama (Okonomiyaki with green onions) 1,150 yen
Negi Kake Tsukimi Nikutama (Okonomiyaki with green onions & fried egg) 1,200 yen
Cheese Nikutama (Okonomiyaki with cheese) 1,100 yen
Mochi Nikutama (Okonomiyaki with sticy rice cake) 1,100 yen
Mochi Cheese Nikutama (Okonomiyaki with cheese & sticky rice cake) 1,350 yen
Tonpeiyaki Yuzuponzu Aji (Pork, green onions, egg omelet cooked on teppan with yuzuponzu sauce) 600 yen
Surumeika No Butter Shoyu Yaki (Grilled squid with butter and soy sauce) 700 yen
Aburi Ikaten (Grilled dry squid tempura) 600 yen
Other dishes 300-750 yen

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I saw for the first time.

It seems to be very delicious.

2011.12.29 17:43 | URL | misaki #JyN/eAqk [edit]
> I saw for the first time.
> It seems to be very delicious.

I'll be introducing another Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki at Shinbashi in the future and Kansai-style place soon.
2011.12.29 22:14 | URL | Tokyo Joe #- [edit]

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