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Motsunabe (Beef Intestines Hot Pot) may not be for all of you, if you aren't even willing to try, but its one of the most popular dish/nabe to come out from Fukuoka. My American/Europian friends who have tried it all of love it, even when they really didn't want to try it at the begin. The story is that Motsunabe was invented in the late 40's by a woman who saw her Korean neighbors eating a spicy beef intestines hot pot. Until then Japan was one of the few countries in Asia which didn't eat beef intestines, but since it was right after World War II, beef wasn't available to the average citizen and also beef intestines were thrown away. But in other parts of Asia it was a normal to eat intestines and Koreans who lived in Japan did so, too. Motsunabe was only available around Fukuoka until the late 70's, but now it is one of the most popular nabes in Japan.

aritsuki shiro
ARITSUKI is probably the most popular Motsunabe restaurant in Tokyo and also the most difficult to get a table as well. There is one in Ebisu and one in Daikanyama. They have 5 types of Motsunabe. Difference is flavor of the soup (miso, soy-sauce, and etc) but almost everyone orders SHIRO-NO MOTSUNABE (Beef Intestines in White Miso Hot Pot) 1,302 yen. I've tried all others, but Shiro-No Motsunabe is by far the best. The soup is a rich white miso soup with a lot of grated garlic in it, so you will smell garlicky when you leave Aritsuki.

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Whats in the Motsunabe is pretty simple and all Motsunabe restaurants use the same ingredients. Beef intestines, Tofu, Cabbage, Goboh (Burdock), Garlic, and Leeks. Until Aritsuki, I only had soy-sauce soup based Motsunabe and loved it, but now white miso rules and no one makes it better than Aritsuki. When you order Motsunabe, you should order for the number of people you are with. For example, if you are a party of 2, just double the order.

aritsuki chanpon
After you're done eating whats in the nabe, you want to end it by adding Chanpon (thick Chinese noodles) 400 yen or rice into the soup. I would recommend to have the Chanpon instead of the rice since Chanpon is not used for other nabes, only for Motsunabe and its the perfect match. If you don't have any soup left in the nabe, no worries. They will add white miso soup to it when you order Chanpon.

aritsuki tamagoyaki
Before the Motsunabe arrives, you want to order some starters. I recommend TAPPURI NEGI-TOH MENTAI-NO TAMOGO-YAKI (Egg Omelet with Scallion & Seasoned Cod Roe) 683 yen. Many izakaya's have tamogo-yaki (egg omelet) on their menu, but not many have Mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) in it since mentaiko comes from Fukuoka as well. Also, Aritsuki's tamago-yaki is fluffy and light, which is different from an izakaya's tamago-yaki.

aritsuki sumotsu
The other starter, I would recommend is SUMOTSU (Boiled Beef Intestines Marinated with Ponzu Sauce) 630 yen. You might wonder why order Motsu (beef intestines) when you are already having Motsunabe, but Aritsuki's Sumotsu is just amazing and everyone orders it. My wife, who didn't eat any motsu at all until I took her to Aritsuki, now orders two Sumotsu and is her favorite dish there including Shiro-No Motsunabe. There are many other starters, but most customers usually stick with these two unless they are with a big party.

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Reservation phones open at 3:30pm and you can book a table 2 weeks in advance, but the lines are always busy and if you don't get through by 4pm, you probably won't get a table. But if you are willing to go after 10pm, you can leave your name & number when you get through (you must call on the same day you want to go) and they will call you back when a table is available. They will hold your table for about a hour after they call you, so make sure you get their within. This is how I usually get a table since I only got a table twice before 10pm. If you are staying at a hotel have your concierge do all this for you including advance reservations. Good luck!!

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ARITSUKI (in Japanese, 蟻月)
Address: 2-9-5 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (in Japanese, 東京都渋谷区恵比寿2-9-5)
Nearest train station: JR & Tokyo Metro Ebisu (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-5424-0656
Reservations: Yes. (won't get a table without one. call after 3:30pm)
Website: http://www.arizuki.com/ (only in Japanese)
English menu: No
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Friday 6pm-1am, Saturaday 5pm-1am, Sunday & Holidays 5pm-12am
Closed: Irregularly

Prices: Shiro-No Motsunabe (Beef Intestines in White Miso Hot Pot) 1,302 yen
Tappuri Negi-Toh Mentai-No Tamagoyaki (Egg Omelet with Scallion & Seasoned Cod Roe) 683 yen
Sumotsu (Boiled Beef Intestines Marinated with Ponzu Sauce) 630 yen
All other dishes under 1,000 yen

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