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SASANO (Roppongi)

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酒呑 outside
Unlike wine it is said that when you drink sake, you don't choose which food you are having first and then choose type/brand of sake. The correct way is to choose which sake you are drinking first and then choose food which accompanies it. There aren't too many izakaya's which focus strictly on dishes to accompany sake, but SASANO at Roppongi is one of them.

酒呑 inside
Sasano has a great list of sake from all over Japan. And every dish goes perfect with whatever brand of sake you order.

酒呑 塩辛
Most sake lovers will first start out with SHIOKARA (Salted fish, squid or seafood).

酒呑 inside 1
They have a fish tank with live fish in it

酒呑 鯵の造り
and you do want to order fresh sashimi like AJI (Horse mackerel)

酒呑 活けす料理、いさき
or ISAKI (Striped grunt).

酒呑 ねぎとん
One of their specially and my favorite is NEGITON (Tonkatsu with scallions on top in ponzu sauce). Its not as heavy as a normal Tonkatsu.

酒呑 名物うにくら
And the most popular dish is UNIKURA (Sea urchin & marinated salmon roe sushi).

酒呑 白子焼き
SHIRAKOYAKI (Grilled cod soft roe) is another dish which matches perfectly with sake.

酒呑 牡蠣
During winter NAMAGAKI (Raw oyster),

酒呑 焼き筍
during spring YAKITAKENOKO (Broiled bamboo shoot) and

酒呑 初鰹のづけ丼
rice bowl's like HONMAGURO NO ZUKEDON (Marinated tuna sashimi over rice) is available.

酒呑 出汁巻き玉子
Dishes like DASHIMAKI TAMAGO (Egg Omelet).

酒呑 kani cream enlarge
KANI CREAM KOROTKE (Cream with crab croquette)
are available all year around.

酒呑 menu
Sasano is located on the 2nd floor of an old building close to Tokyo Midtown. The building might be old, but restaurant itself is Japanese modern. The owner use to work at American Express, so he does speak English and even though there isn't an English menu just ask for him and he would recommend on what to drink and order. Some of the dishes are reasonable and some are expensive. As long as you don't order expensive sake only and too much fresh sashimi from the fish tank, you should have a great night here. Also, if you don't enjoy fish, you might want to try another izakaya, not Sasano. But if you enjoy food which goes great with sake, Sasano is for you.

酒呑 inside 2

SASANO (in Japanese, 酒呑)
Address: 9-6-23 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区赤坂9-6-23 赤坂葵ビル 2F)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway Roppongi (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3475-6055
Reservations: Yes
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Saturday 5:30pm-1am, Saturday 5pm-12am
Closed: Sunday & Holiday

Prices: Dishes from 800-5,000 yen
Average price per dish is about 1,500 yen
More than 70 brands of Sake & 20 brands of Shochu

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