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たもいやんせ outside
Ever since a former famous comedian became Governor of Miyazaki a couple of years ago, he became a true spokesman for anything out of Miyazaki including its food. Many Miyazaki restaurants have opened in Tokyo since, but probably the most famous one that people from Miyazaki go to is TAMOIYANSE at Shibuya. Miyazaki is known for its seafood, chicken and beef.

たもいやんせ チキン南蛮
So what dishes are Miyasaki food? There are probably 3 dishes that you must have at Tamoiyanse or any Miyazaki restaurant. One is CHICKEN NANBAN (Fried Chicken dipped in a sweat & sour sauce with Tartar Sauce) for 890 yen. Its the soul food of Miyazaki. Chicken thighs cover with a light batter is deep fried and dipped into a sweat & sour sauce for a few seconds and tartar sauce is added on top. From kids to adults everyone loves this.

たもいやんせ 地鶏のもも焼
My favorite is MOMOYAKI (Charcoal grilled chicken thigh) for 1,370 yen. Chicken thigh is cut into pieces cooked directly over a charcoal grill with some salt and butter. This is why its a little black, but its fantastic. The chicken they use is a breed that is only produced in Miyazaki called Jidotko.

たもいやんせ 冷や汁
The 3rd dish is HIYAJIRU (Cold miso soup over Rice) for 720 yen.  This was originally eaten only in the summer when people didn't have much of an appetite because of the extra hot weather in Miyazaki but now they eat it all year around. Whats different from a normal miso soup is that the miso is baked lightly before adding it to the bonito based broth. Once baked miso is added, some grilled semi-dried fish flakes and hand squashed tofu is also added. Once miso soup is cooked sliced cucumbers are added and its put in the refrigerator to be cooled down. And just before serving, some ice is added to make it extra cold. Finally, you pour it over a bowl of rice. Its a great dish to have at the very end of the meal or even after some serious drinking when you are a bit hungry.

たもいやんせ 黒豚の海塩焼
Other great dishes at Tamoiyanse are KUROBUTA UMISHIOYAKI (Grilled Black Berkshire Pork) for 1,260 yen,

たもいやんせ 宮崎牛のたたき
MIYAZAKI GYU NO TATAKI (Seared Miyazaki Beef) for 990 yen,

たもいやんせ 黒豚の角煮
KAKUNI (Black Berkshire Pork Ragout) for 1,350 yen,

たもいやんせ 牛すじ煮
GYUSUJI TOH DAIKON NO ASSARINI (Beef Gristle & Japanese Radish stew) for 840 yen

たもいやんせ 水菜とじゃこのサラダ
If you want some salad to start out your meal try JAKO TOH MIZUNA NO SALAD (Fried Young Sardines & Potherb Mustard Salad) for 630 yen,

たもいやんせ たもいやんせサラダ
or TAMOIYANSE SALAD (Tamoiyanse's original bitter gourd salad) for 580 yen, if you like bitter gourd.

たもいやんせ カツオのたたき
Miyazaki is also known for bonito and it is in season and available during the summer at Tamoyanse. Dishes like KATSUO NO TATAKI (Seared Bonito) for 840 yen,

たもいやんせ カツオの竜田揚げ
KATSUO TATSUTAAGE (Fried Bonito) for 720 yen,

たもいやんせ かつお飯
KATSUOMESHI (Bonito sashimi & soup over Rice) for 720 yen.

たもいやんせ inside 1
Taimoyanse is actually an Izakaya. There are other Miyazaki restaurants in Shibuya and I have been to most of them, but Tamoiyanse by far is the best. Unless you are a vegetarian, I can say that you will enjoy at least one dish at Tamoiyanse. Also, they have a wide variety of Shochu from all over Kyushu as well.

たもいやんせ inside

TAMOIYANSE (in Japanese, たもいやんせ)
Address: 10-10 Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都渋谷区神泉町10-10)
Nearest train station: JR or Tokyo Metro Shibuya (12 min walk)
Tel: 03-3461-4333
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://tamoiyanse.com/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: Yes (but not every item)
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Friday 11:30am-2pm, 6pm-2am
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 5pm-1am
Closed: None

Prices: Chicken Nanban (Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce) 890 yen
Momoyaki (Charcoal grilled chicken thigh) 1,370 yen
Hiyajiru (Miso based sauce over Rice) 720 yen
Kurobuta Umishioyaki (Grilled Black Berkshire Pork) 1,260 yen
Miyazaki Gyu No Tataki (Seared Miyazaki Beef) 990 yen
Katsuo No Sashimi (Bonito sashimi) 840 yen
Katsuo No Tataki (Seared Bonito) 840 yen
Katsuo Tatsutaage (Fried Bonito) 720 yen
Katsuomeshi (Bonito sashimi & soup over Rice) 720 yen
Kakuni (Black Berkshire Pork Ragout) 1,350 yen
Gyushuji Toh Daikon No Assarini (Beef Gristle & Japanese Radish stew) 840 yen
Tamoiyanse Salad (Tamoiyanse's original bitter gourd salad) 580 yen
Jako Toh Mizuna No Salad (Fried young Sardines & Potherb Mustard Salad) 630 yen
Other dishes from 530-1,580 yen

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