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BANRAIEN (Ooimachi)

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萬来園 outside
If I had to pick one restaurant in all of Tokyo with regarding how old the outside looks & interior inside, but food being equal to any world class restaurant, that would be a family ran Chinese restaurant at Ooimachi called BANRAIEN. During lunch time its your average Japanese style Chinese restaurant where you can find anywhere, but at night you will see corporate owned limos parked right in front of the restaurant. The first time I came here was with one of the board members of the company I was working at that time with his limo and was shocked to see how down to earth the outside looked and the location as well. But what was even more shocking was when I entered the restaurant. I met the CEO of Canon, executives from Toyota only enjoying their food and not talking about business at all.

萬来園 inside
When you walk in there are only about 12 counter seats. There is no menu and chef/owner will ask you if there is anything that you don't like. Next he will start explaining what kind of meat, seafood, and vegetables are available for the night and how it can be cooked. You tell him what you want and how you want it cooked and then the show starts.

萬来園 前菜の盛り合わせ
To give you an example, this is what I had for a dinner one night. Starting with assorted appetizers,

萬来園 海老味噌に漬けた手羽先の唐揚げ
Shrimp miso flavored fried chicken wings,

萬来園 天然車海老の豆板醤炒め
Natural prawns in black bean sauce,

萬来園 白ばい貝の炒め
Stir-fried white clam,

萬来園 セイレンサイの炒め
Stir-fried sairen vegetables,

萬来園 渡り蟹の炒め
Stir-fried crab with chili,

萬来園 ザーサイ(搾菜)と豚肉の炒め
Stir-fried Szechwan pickles and pork,

萬来園 平貝の豆チ蒸し
Steamed flat clam,

萬来園 まこも茸の和牛巻き揚げ豆チ炒め
Makomo mushroom wrapped with wagyu beef in black bean sauce,

萬来園 上海カニ
Steamed Shanghai crab,

萬来園 ターツァイ(搨菜)と干し肉の炒め
Stir-fried Chinese vegetables with dry beef,

萬来園 ずわい蟹のチャーハン
Crab fried rice,

萬来園 マンゴープリン
Mango pudding,

萬来園 杏仁豆腐
Almond pudding.

Even if you become full the chef will keep insisting to have another dish, so you better tell him that you are really full. The price will be somewhere between 15,000-
25,000 yen per person depending on what you eat. So its not affordable at all and you are going here just for the food nothing else, but I have to say that its one of the best Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, and to many the very best.

BANRAIEN (in Japanese, 萬来園)
Address: 5-6-8 Higahi Ooi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都品川区東大井5-6-8)
Nearest train station: JR or Tokyo Ooimachi (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3450-5667
Reservations: Yes (a must)
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 5:30pm-9:30pm
Closed: Wednesday & Sunday

Prices: No menu and prices will be between 15,000-25,000 yen per person

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