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KUROHITSUJI (Nakameguro)

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くろひつじ outside
JINGISUKAN is from Hokkaido, where its the most popular & common BBQ they eat.(at home, outdoors and restaurants) There weren't many Jingisukan restaurants anywhere else in Japan, but about 6 years ago, a boom came since mutton/lamb meat has less calories than any other meat and woman jumped on it. Because of this many restaurants in Tokyo opened. In the beginning, people thought it was just another boom, but it turns out it wasn't. And one of the first shops to open and good one is KUROHITSUJI at Nakameguro.

kurohituji jingisukan 1
Jingusukan is a pretty simple BBQ. Its slices of mutton meat with bean sprout and onions. The word Jingusukan actually comes from Genghis Khan, the famous ruler of Mongol. People in Hokkaido, eat marinated mutton, but in Tokyo non flavored mutton is more popular than marinated mutton. When its cooked, you dip it in a soy sauce based sauce. In my opinion, its this sauce which separates the good restaurants and not so good restaurants, more than the quality of mutton/lamb.

kurohituji jingisukan
Put bean sprouts and onions on the grill first and keep the center part open so there is room to put the meat. Just grill it til its ready and dip it in the sauce before it goes into your mouth. JINGISUKAN (Mutton BBQ with vegetables) is 1,000 yen.

kurohitsuji atsugiri

くろひつじ 厚切りラムロース
If you wanna try other meats, there is KOHITSUJI NO GOKUJYO LAMU ROSU (Lamb loin) for 980 yen,

kurohitsuhi lamb chop

くろひつじ ラムチョップ
or LAMU CHOP (Lamb chop) for 480 yen per piece.

kurohitsuji ramen
You can have a bowl of rice with this, but I recommend to have try their ramen, which is called ZEPPIN RAMEN for 480 yen.

kurohitsuji inside 4

kurohitsuji inside
The interior is simple, but modern unlike other Jigisukan restaurants, but do remember that it is very smoky inside.

kurohitsuji inside 3
If you don't have a reservation, the wait can be over a hour so I strongly recommend to make one. Also, for weekends they are open for lunch as well. Unless you over drink, they bill per person should be somewhere between 3,000-5,000 yen.

kurohitsuji menu

KUROHITSUJI (in Japanese, くろひつじ)
Address: 1-11-6 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都目黒区上目黒1-11-6)
Nearest train station: Tokyi Toyoko or Tokyo Metro Nakameguro (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-5457-2255
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.kuro-hitsuji.com (in Japanese only)
English menu: None
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Friday 6pm-12am, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 12pm-5pm & 6pm-12am
Closed: None

Prices: Jingisukan (Mutton BBQ with vegetables) 1,000 yen
Kohitsuji No Gokujyo Lamb Rosu (Lamb loin) 980 yen
Lamu Chop (Lamb chop) 480 yen per piece
Jyushuruino Irotoridori Yasaimori (10 assorted vegetables) 680 yen
Kinokomori (Assorted mushrooms) 490 yen
Zeppin Ramen (Ramen) 480 yen
Zeppin Dashi Chazuke (Rice in soup) 280 yen
Zeppin TKG (Rice with raw egg) 380 yen
Rice 200 yen
Rice Dai (Large rice) 300 yen
Mega Rice (Extra large rice) 400 yen
Others from 240-1,280 yen

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