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ONIYANMA (Gotanda)

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Sanuki Udon has become popular in Tokyo over that last 5 years. Sanuki is actually a name of a area, Kagawa prefecture to be exact. The most popular food of Kagawa is udon and people eat it almost everyday. The broth is made from Iriko (small dried sardine) instead of dried bonito like other udon broths. Most of the Sanuki Udon shops in Tokyo are restaurants, but there aren't many stand up Sanuki Udon shops like Kagawa. ONIYANMA at Gotanda is one of the few stand up Sanuki Udon shops and in my opinion the best.

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Oniyanma's owner actually owns another Sanuki Udon shop, but it is a normal restaurant not a stand up shop. After his 1st Sanuki Udon restaurant was a success, he decided to open a stand up shop just like the one's in Kagawa.

oniyanma hiyasitoritenぶっかけ
Their signature item is HIYASHI TORITEN BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with Chicken Tenpura) for 380 yen. Toriten (Chicken Tenpura) is not a common topping at udon shops in Tokyo, and Oniyama is probably the only stand up shop which serves it. You can taste the udon better when its cold instead of hot and especially Oniyama's. But you can have it hot as well, which is ONN TORITEN (Hot Udon with Chicken Tenpura) for 380 yen.

You can add a HANJYU TAMAGO TENPURA (Medium Boiled Egg Tempura) for 120 yen.

They also have normal tempura (prawn and vegetables), which is HIYASHI TENPURA BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with assorted Tenpura) for 430 yen,

tenpura hot
and in hot too, which is ONN TENPURA BUKKAKE (Hot Udon with assorted Tenpura) for 430 yen

or if you want more prawns there is HIYASHI TOKUJYO TENPURA BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with 2 prawns, chicken, and vegetable Tempura) for 530 yen, and of course you can have this hot as well which is ONN TOKYJYO TEN (Hot Udon) with with 2 prawns, chicken, and vegetable Tempura) for 530 yen.

oniyanma onniku
If you prefer beef, they have HIYASHI NIKU BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with warm shredded beef) for 480 yen,

which I usually order and get a side order of TORITEN (Chicken Tenpura) for 100 yen. And just like other udon's this is available in hot as well.

They also have HIYASHI ONNTAMA BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with soft boiled egg) for 330 yen.

And if you want all of the above, there is HIYASHI DELUXE BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with everything) for 580 yen or ONN DELUXE BUKKAKE (Hot Udon with everything).

You can have an extra large udon for an additional 100 yen and also ONIGIRI (Rice ball) or INARI (Rice in fried tofu) for 60 yen each.

Oniyama just opened in summer of 2010 and it has become so popular that there is a wait even though its a stand up udon shop. I have taken my friend's from Kagawa, who are real picky about udon and all of them agree that its the best stand up Sanuki Udon in Tokyo. If its your first visit to Oniyanma, I would recommend to order HIYASHI TORITEN BUKKAKE even during the winter since the udon taste better and other shop's don't have Toriten (Chicken Tenpura).

oniyanma tennai

ONIYANMA (in Japanese, おにやんま)
Address: 1-6-3 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都品川区西五反田1-6-3)
Nearest train station: JR & Tokyu Gotanda (2 min walk)
Tel: None
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: Monday-Friday 7am-1am
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 11am-11pm
Closed: None

Prices: Hiyashi Toriten Bukkake (Cold Udon with Chicken Tenpura) 380 yen
Hiyashi Tenpura Bukkake (Cold Udon with assorted Tenpura) 430 yen
Hiyashi Tokujyo Tenpura Bukkake (Cold Udon with 2 prawns, chicken, and vegetable Tempura) 530 yen
Hiyashi Niku Bukkake (Cold Udon with warm shredded beef) 480 yen
Hiyashi Onntama Bukkake (Cold Udon with soft boiled egg) for 330 yen
Hiyashi Deluxe Bukkake (Cold Udon with everything) 580 yen
Onigiri (Rice ball) 60 yen
Inari (Rice in fried tofu) 60 yen

Toppings: Onntama (Soft boiled egg) 60 yen
Toriten (Chicken Tenpura) 100 yen
Extra Large Udon 100 yen

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