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TOYO-CHAN (Tsukiji)

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豊ちゃん outside
Just a few restaurants of Nakaei's right is TOYO-CHAN, a classic Yoshoku (Japanese style western food) restaurant. Just like Nakaei, Toyo-chan is a favorite of people working at Tsukiji, but has also become popular for tourists as well.

豊ちゃん omu hayashi
Toyo-chan has several signature dishes and one of them is OMU HAYASHI RICE (Omelet with Hashed Beef Rice) for 1050 yen,

豊ちゃん katsu hayashi
or you can have it with tonkatsu instead of omelet, which is called KATSU HAYASHI RICE (Tonkatsu with Hashed Beef Rice) for 1050 yen. Both omelet and tonkatsu are good, but what makes Toyo-chan stand out from others is their Hayashi sauce.

豊ちゃん atama rice
Their other signature dish is ATAMA RICE for 1050 yen. Its base is Katsu Don (Tonkatsu over Rice). The tonkatsu is cooked in a sauce with egg and instead of putting it over rice like Katsu Don and served separately. One of their daily customers wanted to have some curry sauce over his rice, but still wanted to eat tonkatsu in sauce with egg, so he asked the owner to serve it separately,

豊ちゃん katsudon
Of course they have the normal KATSU DON as well for 1050 yen.

豊ちゃん rosukatsu
They also have regular tonkatsu as well, such as ROSU KATSU TEISHOKU (Pork Loin Tonkatsu with Rice and Miso Soup) for 1170 yen

豊ちゃん kaki furai
or during the winter, they have KAKI FURAI TEISHOKU (Deep Fried Oysters with Rice) for 1300 yen.

豊ちゃん omu aigake
Just like Nakaei, you can have both curry & hayashi sauce on your rice, like OMU NOTKE RYOGAKE (Omelet with half of Curry & Hashed Beef Rice) for 1050 yen.

豊ちゃん inside
Portions are about average, but you can always ask for larger portions of rice like other Yoshoku restaurants. If its your first time at Toyo-chan do try Omu Hayashi Rice or Katsu Hayashi Rice. You can add various items to your curry or hayashi rice.

豊ちゃん omu katsu hayashi
Lets say you want to have both tonkatsu & omelet with your hayashi rice just tell them and they will try to meet your request. The owner (lady in her 70's) is one of the few friendly restaurant owners in Tsukiji and I always enjoy talking to her as much as I enjoy the food.

TOYO-CHAN (in Japanese, 豊ちゃん)
Address: 5-2-1 Tshukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
located inside Tsukuji Market, building name is Tsukiji Oroshiuri Shijyo 1 Gohkan
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区築地5-2-1 築地卸売市場1号館)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Tsukiji (5 min walk)
or Toei Subway Tshukiji Shijyo (3 min walk)
Tel: 3541-9062
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.tsukijigourmet.or.jp/11_toyo/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 6am-2pm
Closed: Sunday, Holiday and also when Tsukiji market is closed.

Prices: Katsu Curry Rice (Tokatsu Curry Rice) 1050 yen
Katsu Hayashi Rice (Tonkatsu Hashed Beef Rice) 1050 yen
Omu Hayashi Rice (Omelet with Hashed Beef Rice) 1050 yen
Omu Notke Ryogake (Omelet with half of Curry & Hashed Beef Rice) 1050 yen
Katsu Don (Tokatsu over Rice) 1050 yen
Atama Rice (Tokatsu in sauce servered seperately from Rice) 1050 yen
Rosu Kastu Teishoku (Pork Loin Tonkatsu with Rice and Miso Soup) 1170 yen
Kaki Furai Rice (Deep Fried Oysters with Rice) 1300 yen
Hayashi Rice (Hashed Beef Rice) 750 yen
Other menus between 50-1290 yen

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