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パティスリー SATSUKI outside
Which pastry shop is the most expensive and uses the best ingredients only? Its PATISSERIE SATSUKI in Hotel New Otani Tokyo. When Chef Nakajima became head chef of Patisserie Satsuki, he wanted to provide simple cakes which no other shop offered. He decided to find and use the best ingredients available no matter what the cost would be. For example, milk used are the only drinkable milk which is unheated and untreated from Hokkaido, eggs are from chicken which are feed only organic vegetables, sugar is also organic, and fruits are all made by top farmers selected by Nakajima for Patisserie Satsuki only.

パティスリー SATSUKI super case
This results to great sweets, but the most expensive in all of Japan and a lineup of cakes which are called the SUPER series.

パティスリー SATSUKI melon
The first super cake he made and still the most popular is Super Melon Short Cake for 1,575 yen. Yes, 1,575 yen, which is double or even triple of most pastry shops. If you love Japanese musket melon, you won't find any Melon Short Cake better than this. One of the few things I can't eat is melon, but at a friend's party I was forced to eat this and couldn't believe how good it was. I never had anything like it and also couldn't believe that I even enjoyed the melon as well, but was even more surprised when I was told the price.

パティスリー SATSUKI shortcake
Next one he made was Super Strawberry Short Cake for 1,050 yen. If you bought these strawberries at the store one will cost minimum 500 yen.

パティスリー SATSUKI モンブラン 2
Others are Super Montblanc (available only for 2 months in the fall) for 1,575 yen,

パティスリー SATSUKI edo roll
Super Edo Roll for 1,050 yen,

パティスリー SATSUKI classic  twin roll
Super Classic Twin Roll for 840 yen,

パティスリー SATSUKI pudding
Super Pure Pudding for 840 yen,

パティスリー SATSUKI peach
but the most expensive one is Super Peach Short Cake (available only for 2 months in the summer) for 4,200 yen. I've never had this before and probably never will since I'm not wealthy enough to spend 4,200 yen on just a piece of cake, but when its available its usually sold out within a hour or so. So, I guess it must be beyond great.

パティスリー SATSUKI melon birthcake
You can also purchase a whole cake as well, but you must order it a couple of days in advance and prices vary depending on the size of the cake.

パティスリー SATSUKI inside
They also have a cafe area where you can eat these cakes and dishes only available at the cafe.

And a must eat here is RICOTTA CHEESE PANCAKE for 1,800 yen. In my opinion, its the best pancake in all of Japan. It is unbelievably fluffy and amazingly delicious. I have friends who just stay at Hotel New Otani Tokyo because they want to eat this every afternoon during their time in Tokyo. Its only available between 11am-5pm.

パティスリー SATSUKI case
There are many other cakes besides the super series at regular prices and they are also very good. Super Melon Short Cake has been on the media so often that many people know about it, but actually never had a chance to have it. So, if its a special occasion or even a gift to someone, you might want to consider the Super Melon Short Cake and surprise friends or people who are special to you.

PATISSERIE SATSUKI(in Japanese, パティスリーサツキ)
Address: Lobby of Hotel New Otani Tokyo
4-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都千代田区紀尾井町4-1 ホテルニューオータニ東京)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Akasaka Mitsuke (12 min walk)
Tel: 03-3221-7252
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.newotani.co.jp/en/tokyo/restaurant/p_satsuki/index.html
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 11am-9pm
Closed: None

Prices: Super Melon Short Cake 1,575 yen
Super Strawberry Short Cake 1,050 yen
Super Peach Short Cake (summer only) 4,200 yen
Super Pure Pudding 840 yen
Super Montblanc (fall only) 1,575 yen
Super Edo Roll 1,050 yen
Super Classic Twin Roll 840 yen
Other cakes from 470-1,800 yen

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