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KITCHEN CARROT (Nishi Ogikubo)

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outside carrot 1
If someone asked me where my favorite inexpensive restaurant for eating beef is the answer is very very easy. Its KITCHEN CARROT at Nishi Ogikubo. Cost performance wise no restaurant beats Carrot (most people call Kitchen Carrot just Carrot). Carrot's owner/chef family originally owned a small meat shop, but since he decided to become a chef instead, he closed the meat shop and opened Carrot. Not only the portions are huge and cheap, but all the beef used are Japanese, not from Australia or US unlike all other inexpensive restaurants. The reason why Carrot can provide dishes at a reasonable price is that owner/chef still has relatives working at beef market and also he purchases one whole cow, not by parts. Most of the menu are a combination grill like Steak & Hamburger Steak and there are over 30 of them.

carrot steakmorichicken
But the most famous dish is SUTEMORI CHICKEN (Steak, Sauteed Chicken & Cheese Hamburg Steak). It weighs a total of 800g, Steak & Hamburg Steak 300g each and Sauteed Chicken 200g for only 1,580 yen. Not everyone orders this because of its portion, but since I only have one meal a day this is what I order all the time.

steak  jumboebi
If you want to do kind of a surf & turf, there is JUMBO EBI FRY TOH STEAK (Deep Fried Jumbo Prawn & Steak) for 1,980 yen.

double steak
Or if you just want to have steak, there is DOUBLE STEAK, a combination of two different parts of beef for 1,280 yen.

Other popular dishes are OROSHI HANBAHGU TOH EBI FRY CREAM KOROKE (Hamburger Steak with Oroshi, Deep Fried Prawn, & Cream Croquette) for 950 yen.

carrot burger kakifurai
During the winter and spring they serve deep fried oyster. You can order it as an appetizer, but most order it as a combination grill like HANBAHGU TOH KAKIFURAI (Hamburg Steak & Deep Fried Oysters) for 980 yen or with regular steak instead of hamburger steak for 1,280 yen. I've never had better deep fried oysters than Carrot's including the expensive restaurants.

beef stew carrot
Dishes like WAGYU BEEF STEW for 1,280 are available as well. And if you just want to eat top wagyu sirloin or filet mignon steaks as well, its available for less than 3,500 yen. Prices vary depending on the size of the steak.

carrot rice  miso
All dishes come with rice, miso soup and

coffee  orange juice
coffee (hot or cold) or orange juice.

inside carrot
There is nothing around Carrot since its a middle class residential area, but whenever I have time I go to eat here even if it takes a little less than one hour from where I live. Its one of those restaurants where you eat and just leave, so if you are looking for a nice atmosphere this isn't the place for you.

outside carrot 2
Plus the wait can be more than 30 min on a bad day, but if you want to eat inexpensive steak/meat, this is the go to place not only in Tokyo, but in all of Japan. Its only 15 min away from Shinjuku by train, so if you are in Shinjuku or near by and finished shopping, craving for beef, get on the train and go to Carrot.

KITCHEN CARROT (in Japanese, キッチン・キャロット)
Address: 3-13-7 Nishi-Ogi-Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都杉並区西荻北3-13-7)
Nearest train station: JR Nishi-Ogikubo (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-3394-4443
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-2:20pm, 5pm-9:50pm
Closed: Thursday
Prices: Sute Mori Chicken (Steak, Cheese Hamburg Steak & Sauteed Chicken) 1,580 yen
Jumbo Ebi Fry Toh Steak (Deep Fried Jumbo Prawn & Steak) 1,980 yen
Hanbahgu Toh Kaki Fry (Hamburg Steak & Deep Fried Oysters) 950 yen
Other Dishes from 780-3,500 yen

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Hmm, maybe you should start posting calorie counts as well?
2011.08.16 02:50 | URL | お名前 #JyN/eAqk [edit]
> Hmm, maybe you should start posting calorie counts as well?

Well, if you eat here you won't be having any wine so the callories would be less than your full course meals. But I know you gents would never go here.
2011.08.16 07:10 | URL | Tokyo Joe #- [edit]
I am so happy to have found your blog! Years ago, there was a clip of Kitchen Carrot on Soko Ga Shiritai and I always wondered if this place still existed. I definitely want to give this place a try when I venture out to Japan. Forever thanks!

Is his wife still there running the front of the house?
2011.08.17 05:57 | URL | jenny #JyN/eAqk [edit]
> I am so happy to have found your blog! Years ago, there was a clip of Kitchen Carrot on Soko Ga Shiritai and I always wondered if this place still existed. I definitely want to give this place a try when I venture out to Japan. Forever thanks!

My pleasure, Jenny. Carrot's been on TV so many times over the last couple of yrs that the wait is getting worse, but food is still cheap and great.

> Is his wife still there running the front of the house?

I don't know if the woman is his wife, but ever since I went to Carrot 15 yrs ago, its the same woman who is working there.

Btw, where are you checking my blog out from? Not too many gaijin's know about Carrot!! LOL I've only met one gaijin there all these yrs, aBritish man once there on his own eating 2 Double Steaks asking it to be cooked SUPER WELL DONE.
2011.08.17 09:34 | URL | Tokyo Joe #- [edit]

I'm from Hawaii so our shows are broadcast very late. I think the show I am referring to was probably from the 90's (we still run reruns). It was part of a 1000 yen special - needless to say, I'm sure it's not 1000 yen anymore but the prices still look mighty good! I don't know why Kitchen Carrot resonates in my mind - but it does!

So the woman they showed had a short grayish bob haircut, very nice voice. I actually watched the video on this post and could hear her voice.

So I was looking up maps of Japan today and decided to look up Kitchen Carrot - couldn't find anything on the maps so I googled it and your blog was my first hit! I was overjoyed! First to see an English site on it - second because it's definitely still open! Super well done steaks? My god...what a travesty! Feels like such a waste of good meat.

By the way, not sure if that's you in the profile picture. Just saw a beach and a shaka and wonder if you're from Hawaii like I am. Please keep your posts going, they are very informative for a gaijin like me. I want to make it out to Tokyo soon and I want to go where locals go. :)
2011.08.17 14:52 | URL | jenny #JyN/eAqk [edit]

No, I'm not from Hawaii, but was just there in April and that picture was taken at Lankai Beach after we did Boots & Kimo's for breakfast, which I wasn't that crazy about. Usually, we go to Maui for 5-7 days to just chill and do Oahu for 2-3 days to see friends & eat. Oxtail soup@Asahi Grill, Roasted Chicken@Maui Mike's, Garlic Pork Chop@Ethel's Grill, Grilled Ahi Plate@Diamond Head Grill are my favorites.

Yes, but do try all the inexpensive restos that I have posted or will be posting in the near future when you are here. They are all good, but no one beats Carrot when it comes to Japanese beef steak for a reasonable price. Also, give them a call before you visit cuz on some weeks they have irregular day offs. Like this week, they are closed since Tuesday and reopen Friday. This week many offices are closed and they close too sometimes. All depends on how the owner feels.

I will be posting a new restos every 2-3 days or so.

2011.08.17 20:47 | URL | Tokyo Joe #- [edit]
2014.02.05 08:01 | | # [edit]

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