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aux outside
Couple of years ago, a TV program did a survey asking over 100 well known patissiers, who they respected and is a pro's pro among all the patissiers in Japan. More than 80% voted for Chef Kawada, who is owner/chef of AU BON VIEUX TEMPS in Oyamadai. Kawada was the 1st Chief Patissier, who wasn't a French national at the famous Hotel Ritz Paris in the 70's. He returned to Tokyo in 1981 and opened Au Bon Vieux Temps. Since then many patissiers who are currently well known, have trained/worked under Kawada during their early part of career. Until I saw this TV program, little did I know that our favorite cake shop chef/owner was a living legend in his industry. And how lucky we are living not too far away from his shop.

aux inside
Au Bon Vieux Temps is located at Oyamadai which is strictly a residential area, but people from all over Japan come to purchase his creations. There are usually about 20 kind of cakes available. All the cakes are classical style french cakes and different from the current modern style french cakes. Also they are a little sweeter as well. Some are available only during certain seasons, but here are the ones available all year.

aux デリス・オー・フランボワーズ
Delice aux Framboises.....sponge cake with raspberry cream.

aux フロマージュ・クリュ
Fromage Cru.....rare cheese cake

aux モンブラン
Mont Blanc.....meringue base with whip cream inside, covered by chestnut cream

aux クァルテット
Quartette.....chocolate mousse cake

aux バールドール
Barre d'Or....orange flavored caramel sponge cake

aux ビスキュイ オーフリュイ
Biscuit aux Fruits.....fruit shortcake

aux スノブ
Snob.....pistachio mousse cover with raspberry mousse

aux パラディ
Paradis.....various mousses covered by white chocolate

aux ミルフィーユ・オー・フレーズ
Millefeuille aux Fraises.....millefeuille with strawberry sauce

aux オー・ボン・ヴュー・タン
Au Bon Veux Temps.....custard cream with poire liqueur flavored pear

aux フリュイ・ルージュ (no change)
Les Fruits Rouge.....red fruit tart

aux showcase2
Au Bon Veux Temps offers chocolates,

aux showcase3
candied Fruit, caramels,

aux bread
baked confectionery, pastries

aux ic
and ice cream as well.

aux inside3
They also have a cafe area where you can eat anything sold at the shop.

aux outside2
If you just happened to pass by Oyamadai area, you definitely want to stop by at Au Bon Veux Temps, but if you can't, they do have a store in Takashimaya department store in NIhonbashi, which is close to Ginza.

AU BON VIEUX TEMPS(in Japanese, オーボンヴュータン)
Address: 2-1-14 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都世田谷区等々力2-1-14)
Nearest train station: Tokyu Oimachi Line Oyamadai (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3703-8428
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 9am-6:30pm
Closed: Wednesday

Prices: Cakes from 300-500 yen
Whole cakes from 2000-5000 yen
Chocolate & Caramel from 150-300 yen
Candied Fruit 150-300 yen
Bread & Pies from 150-500 yen
Others from 150-3000 yen

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