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TONKI (Meguro)

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tonki outside
There are many famous TONKATSU (Pork Cutlet) restauarnts in Tokyo, but one that is well known to almost anyone is TONKI at Meguro. When I first started working in Tokyo, my boss brought me here. I always heard about Tonki, but since it was the opposite direction from my apartment at that time, I wasn't in a rush to eat there. But since I've been living not too far away for the last 15 years, I do go eat here whenever I can. Whats unique about Tonki's tonkatsu is the crust. Most tonkatsu are full with breadcrumbs, but Tonki's is more like a thick batter.

tonki rosu3
Tonki has only 3 main dishes. Their most popular dish is ROSU KATSU TEISHOKU (Pork Loin Cutlet with Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles) for 1,800 yen.

tonki filet
Many women order less fatty HIRE KATSU TEISHOKU (Pork Filet Cutlet with Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles) for 1,800 yen.

tonki kushiage tsuki
A few order KUSHI KATSU TEISHOKU (Pork Cutlet on Stick with Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles) for 1,550 yen.

tonki inside2
If you are really hungry and just want more meat, you can order an extra KUSHI KATSU (Pork Cutlet on Stick) for an additional charge to any of 3 main dishes. Also, cabbage and rice is free of refills.

tonki takeout
You can also takeout all dishes. If you just want to takeout its better to call before and tell them when you will be picking up. They don't do deliveries.

tonki inside4
Tonki just has counter seats (about 35) and they are usually always full. If all the seats are full, there is bench right along the wall so customers can wait until counter seats become available. Also, its not open for lunch and because of the counter seats, if you have little children this is not the place to go. But if you enjoy tonkatsu, this is one of the restaurants you wanna go to in Tokyo plus you will get to see how they make tonkatsu right in front of you, which is interesting to watch if you never have.

tonki menu

TONKI (in Japanese, とんき)
Address: 1-1-2 Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都目黒区下目黒1-1-2)
Nearest train station: JR & Tokyo Metro Meguro (2 min walk)
Tel: 3491-9928
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 4pm-10:45pm
Closed: Tuesday & 3rd Monday of the month

Prices: Rosu Katsu Teishoku (Pork Loin Cutlet with Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles) 1,800 yen
Hire Katsu Teishoku (Pork Filet Cutlet with Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles) 1,800 yen
Kushi Katsu Teishoku (Pork Cutlet on Stick with Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles) 1,550 yen

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