KANEMASU (Kachidoki)

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kanemasu outside
Many businessmen or salaryman in Japan have their favorite IZAKAYA (Japanese-style bar & restaurant combined) they go to weekly or even daily. I was watching a TV program regarding one of the world's greatest chef, Ferran Adria's (restaurant El Bulli near Barcelona, Spain) visit to Japan. He was here for a food summit, but during his free time he was visiting restaurants all over Japan. Majority of the restaurants he visited are ones that any food lover would know, but there were two restaurants which I never heard of and one of them was really close to the company I was working for at that time. It was an izakaya with no seats, all standing, but the food served was no izakaya food. Some of the dishes were like KAISEKI RYORI (Artistic Japanese Cuisine). Ferran was in shock after tasting the 1st dish that a local izakaya can produce such food. A couple of weeks later, I was there and for the next 3 yrs, KANEMASU was my weekly izakaya.

kanemasu menu
Kanemasu's menu changes by what was available at the market that morning and by season, but some dishes are always on their menu.

NAMAUNI-NO GYUNIKU-MAKI (Sea Urchin rapped with Raw Beef) is one of these dishes and almost every customer orders it. The marble in the beef shows how good the quality is and with the sea urchin it all melts in your month. Such a simple dish, but you will be knocked out when you have it.

kanemasu 大間のマグロ
The sashimi at Kanemasu is as good as any sushi restaurant in Tokyo. All the fishes are great, but if you just happen to eat here during the winter, you might be able to order the best OH-TORO (Fatty Tuna) from Ohma in Aomori prefecture. Tuna caught in Ohma is a special brand of Tuna, just like Kobe Beef is for beef.

kanemasu hamo
If its summer time, dishes like HAMO NO BAINIKUAE (Pike Sea Eel with Sour Plum Sauce) is a dish you would only find at kappo's or kaiseki ryori restaurants.

kanemasu かぶら蒸し
Another dish that they usually have is KABURA MUSHI (Steamed Turnip and Seafood in Amber Sauce) which you would also never find at an izakaya. The amber sauce was what surprised Ferran since it was the same quality as the top kaiseki ryori restaurants he just ate at in Kyoto.

kanemasu 生ゆば
NAMA YUBA (Fresh Skin of Soy Milk) is dish that you would find at other izakaya's by time to time, but this isn't izakaya quality as well. I've only had better Yuba than Kanemasu's at famous Tofu shops in Kyoto.

kanemasu kani
KANI SALAD (Crab Salad) is simple as it could be, but just delicious.

kanemasu 柚子味噌田楽
NASU DENGAKU (Eggplant with Citrus Miso Sauce) is a favorite for regulars and one of the few sweet dishes available.

kanemasu ふぐの白子とフカヒレの蒸し物
And if you are really lucky and visit Kanemasu on the right day, you might be able to order FUGU-NO SHIRAKO-TO FUKAHIRE-NO MUSHIMONO (Steamed Soft Roe of Blowfish and Shark's Fin in Clear Broth).

kanemasu inside5
Kanemasu is located in downtown Tokyo, not too far from Tsukiji Fish Market by metro or taxi. It looks like any other izakaya nothing fancy and their hours are really short. Opened between 4pm-8pm and they will close a little after 7pm because the food is all sold out by then. Try to get their as early as possible because of the wait. Also note that popular dishes will be sold out by 6pm. Yes, its early for dinner, but think of it as if you were going to a pub with some excellent appetizers. Its not as cheap as other izakaya's (average bill per person is about 6,000-7000 yen including drinks), but its one of Tokyo's hidden gems.

kanemasu inside

KANEMASU (in Japanese, かねます)
Address: 1-8-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区勝どき1-8-1 勝どきビュータワー1F)
Nearest train station: Toei Oedo Kachidoki (2 min walk)
Tel: 03-3531-8611
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 4pm-8pm (will close early when sold out)
Closed: Sunday & Holidays

Prices: All dishes are under 2,000 yen (average bill 7,000 yen per person)
Prices vary everyday for most dishes.

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