KANDA YABUSOBA (Kanda or Akihabara)

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When you discuss about Soba restaurants in Tokyo, the first thing you need to talk about is Big 3 Names or Families of soba restaurants (in Japanese, Edo Soba Gosanke). The big 3 are SARASHINA, SUNABA, and YABU. KANDA YABUSOBA is the first soba restaurant with the name Yabu and opened in 1880. The founder of Kanda Yabusoba's 3rd son opened NAMIKI YABUSOBA in 1913 at Asakusa and Namiki Yabusoba's 2nd son opened IKENOHATA YABUSOBA in 1954 at Ueno. These 3 Yabusoba's are now known to many as BIG 3 YABUSOBA (in Japanese, Yabusoba Gosanke).

kandayasu tsuyu
Whats Yabusoba different from the other big 3's? The main difference is the SOBA TSUYU (cold soba sauce) which is saltier than others. Kanda Yabusoba is the saltiest even among all Yasusoba's.

かんだやぶそば inside2
Even if you don't enjoy eating soba, Kanda Yabusoba's building itself is a flashback of old Tokyo. It was built in 1924 and it is now an official historic landmark. Therefore, when you do go to Kanda Yabusoba, you should order various appetizers before having soba so you can enjoy the atmosphere of this rare soba restaurant.

Soba lovers will start out ordering a bottle of sake and maybe KAMABOKO or ITAWASA (Minced Fish Sausage).

かんだやぶそば 鴨ロース
Also, you may want to try one of Kanda Yabusoba's signiture appetizer KAMO ROHSU (Grilled Duck Breast)

かんだやぶそば そばすし

or even TENTANE (Round Large Tempura).

Then move on to SEIRO SOBA (Cold Soba)

or if you prefer hot soba with soup, you might want to order their famous KAMONAN SOBA (Grilled Duck Soba)

kandayabu tamagotoji
or TAMOGOTOJI SOBA (Scrambled Egg Soba).
Many people usually have both cold & hot soba so they can enjoy Kanda Yabusoba's salty soba sauce and soup.

かんだやぶそば inside3
There are many other soba restaurants with the word Yabu included in their name and if you see one it means that owner/chef has worked at one of the big 3 Yabusoba's and was given permission to use it. All of these Yabu's are good soba restaurants, but Kanda Yabusoba still is on top of all of them. Just dine here once and you will probably agree like many soba freaks do.


KANDA YABUSOBA (in Japanese, かんだやぶそば)
Address: 2-10 Kanda Awaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都千代田区神田淡路町2-10)
Nearest train station: JR Kanda & Akihabara (5 min walk)
Tokyo Metro Kanda & Awaji-cho (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3251-0287
Reservations: Yes
Website: hhttp://www.norenkai.net/english/shop/yabusoba/index.html
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-7:30pm
Closed: None

Prices: Seiro Soba (Cold Soba) 700 yen
Tamago Toji Soba (Scramble Egg Soba) 1,100 yen
Kamo Nanban Soba (Roast Duck & Scallion Soba) 1,800 yen
Tempura Soba 1,800 yen
Kamaboko (Minced Fish Sausage) 700 yen
Kamo Roast (Roast Duck Breast) 700 yen
Soba Sushi 800 yen
Tentane (Round Thick Tempura) 1,400 yen

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