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It's been several years since I uploaded any new articles. I've gotten many requests over the years to continue or want my e-mail address to get in touch, but unfortunately do to my real job I just can't continue or can't interact with people personally. But I have an alternative for you to find out which restos I recommend.

I do daily post reviews in Japanese of restos, cafe, bars, bakeries, sweets on TABELOG, which is like YELP in the states. It's the most popular resto rating website in Japan. My name is Tokyo Rocks there not Tokyo Joe. I have over 600 restos that I posted reviews.

Below is the link of my page. Unfortunately, it's all in Japanese so to have it translate it in your language use Chrome browser and install Google Translate at Extensions. In English, it will only come out about 60% right because the grammar differences between English and Japanese, but it's better than nothing.


Anything I rate over 3.5 it means the food is good. Highest rating is 5, but my highest rating so far has been 4.5. If my rating is between 3.0-3.4 it means the food is average. Anything below that are places where anyone would say that the food isn't good.

Some of you might have heard that there are many restos in Japan where you can only get a table by introduction only from a regular. These restos don't want to be listed on Michelin guide or even won't allow regular customers to take pictures. It doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have at these restos. I have listed ratings of these restos as well since I have been fortunate to visit them through my personal and business network.

To get a table, you have to find someone who is a regular there and ask him or her to take you. Your hotel concierge cannot help you and also I can't too since these places are usually over $300 or 30,000 yen per person just for the food and I can only visit such places for special occasions or business dinners since I'm not a millionaire.

Thanks for visiting this site, and don't trust the Michelin guide too much since the people they hire to rate the restos are full of it. All real foodies in Japan laugh at their ratings.

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