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FIGHT GYOZA isn't your ordinary Gyoza. The gyoza was invented by a former soldier who came back from China after World War II. He opened a store called WHITE GYOZA, over 50 years ago in Chiba and now has more than 40 stores all over Japan. Fight Gyoza is one of them and for some reason it isn't called White Gyoza, when all the other shops are and is the only franchise close to central Tokyo.

Fight Gyoza's menu is very limited. People come here to only eat Gyoza. The gyoza skin is extra thick and same flour for baguette is used. But the biggest difference is how they cook the gyoza. The gyoza is tightly lined up in a frying pan with almost no space in between. Then boiling water is added and cooked for 8-10 min. Next they add oil into the frying pan until the oil covers the gyoza. The water eventually evaporates and gyoza is ready.

People at least eat 10 gyozas, which is 420 yen and the size of the gyoza is about half the size of an adult's fist. And with gyoza a cold glass of beer is a must.

Other items they have is a set of Rice, Miso Soup, & Pickles

and Chahan (Fried Rice) for 720 yen, Ramen for 620 yen, Chashumen (Roast Pork Ramen) for 820 yen, but nothing is special about these dishes. You really come here for the gyoza.

Its not in the most convenient location, but people from all over Tokyo come to eat here. You can also purchase it frozen from their website, where step by step instructions on how to cook the gyoza is listed.


FIGHT GYOZA (in Japanese, ファイト餃子)
Address: 3-7-3, Nishi-Sugamo, Toshimaku-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都豊島区西巣鴨3-7-3)
Nearest train station: JR & Toei Subway Sugamo (15 min walk)
Tel: 03-3917-6261
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.white-gyouza.co.jp/branch/sugamo.html (only in Japanese)
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: Monday-Friday 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-8pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 11:30pm-8pm (will close early when sold out)
Closed: Tuesday (but open when holiday)

Prices: 10 Gyoza 420 yen, 15 Gyoza 630 yen, 20 Gyoza 840 yen
10 Gyoza Teishoku (10 Gyoza with Rice, Miso Soup, & Pickles) 750 yen
15 Gyoza Teishoku (15 Gyoza with Rice, Miso Soup, & Pickles) 960 yen
Ramen 650 yen, Chashumen (Roast Pork Ramen) 820 yen
Chahan (Fried Rice) 720 yen
Ramen & 5 Gyoza 780yen
Ramen, 5 Gyoza & Half Bowl of Rice 880 yen
Chashumen (Roast Pork Ramen) & 5 Gyoza 980yen
Chahan (Fried Rice) & 5 Gyoza 880yen

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