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CITABRIA BAR (Omotesando/Nishi Azabu)

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サイタブリア バー outside e and edit
Tokyo is a bar heaven for people who enjoy drinking. There are tons of cool bars, but the real in places aren't usually introduced on magazines or internet. If you see too many foreigners at a bar, its either a losers joint or meat market from the hip local crowd of Tokyo. One of the relaxing bars with a private atmosphere is CITABRIA BAR, where many people from the fashion, entertainment, and media industry go to.

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The doors at Citabria Bar aren't open. You will need to enter a four digit number to open it. Therefore, you need to make a reservation in advance and ask for the four digit number of that night. The number changes every night, so whether you are a regular or not, you will need to called them to get it in.

サイタブリア バー inside 1 e
Here are some of pictures of what it looks like inside. 1st floor

サイタブリア バー inside 2
1st floor

サイタブリア バー inside 6
2nd floor

サイタブリア バー inside 3 e
2nd floor

サイタブリア バー inside 5
Roof top.

サイタブリア バー food
They do have a good food menu as well whether you want to have a full dinner or just some light appetizers with your drinks.

サイタブリア バー inside 8
They also have a 3rd floor with private rooms, but if its your first time here I would suggest to get a table on the 1st floor. Its not a bar to go wild or crazy, but for mature adults to enjoy chatting with your friends or partner. There is a cover charge of 1,000 yen per person and most drinks are around 1,500 yen. This may seem expensive, but its actually reasonable for such a top quality private bar.

サイタブリア バー outside e

CITABRIA BAR (in Japanese, サイタブリア バー)
Address: 2-26-4 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区西麻布2-26-4)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Omotesando (15 min walk)
Tel: 03-5469-5777
Reservations: Yes (must)
Website: http://www.citabria.co.jp/citabriabar/citabriabar.html
English menu: No
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 8pm-4am
Closed: Saturday, Sunday

Prices: Glass of wine from 1,100 yen
Glass of Champagne from 1,600 yen
Cocktails from 1,000 yen
Food from 800 yen
Cover charge 1,000 yen per person

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cool. the rooftop has a pool. I wonder if people actually swim in it?
2012.03.13 20:58 | URL | お名前 #JyN/eAqk [edit]

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