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IRIFUNE (Okusawa)

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入船 outside
Its hard to say which sushi restaurant is the best in Tokyo, but when it comes down just to maguro (tuna) no one will argue that IRIFUNE at Okusawa serves the best maguro in Tokyo or in the world.

入船 maguro
At Tsukiji fish market regarding maguro there is one rule. When chef/owner Honda places an order at the most famous intermediate wholesaler, the best maguro goes to Irifune. Whatever the price is, he has been purchasing the very best maguro ever since he opened his restaurant.

入船 鮪赤身
You want to have every part of maguro you can at Irifune, but you do want to start out with least fatty part, Akami (red part of tuna). Even though its the least fattiest part, it will be the richest akami in flavor you ever had. Most people enjoy toro (fatty tuna) more than akami, but I like akami more in general and their akami just knocks me out whenever I dine here.

入船 chutoro
Then you might want to try CHUTORO (Medium-fatty tuna), which will be considered regular ootoro (fatty tuna) at other restaurants. If they have a chutoro part called wakaremi, its the most delicious part of chutoro. Just ask the chef if they have it or not.

入船 大トロ enlarge
And of course, OOTORO (Fatty tuna), the most expensive part of Tuna,

入船 炙り
but their most famous maguro sushi of all is ABURI (Broiled fatty tuna), which Chef Honda invented and available at most sushi restaurants around the world. It just melts in your month.

入船 ootoro ninniku
If you want to enjoy ootoro in a different way, they can add a slice of garlic which is dipped for awhile in soy sauce called OOTORO NO SHOYU ZUKE.

入船 とろたく
Other must eats are TOROTAKU (Fatty tuna & pickled Japanese radish roll),

入船 カワギシの軍艦
KAWAGISHI NO GUNKANMAKI (Tuna left neared the skin scraped by spoon)

入船 鮪づけ
and ZUKE (Akami marinated in soy sauce).

入船 マグロづくし丼
Also, they have various maguro donburi's (rice bowl) which will probably be the most expensive donburi you ever have like MAGURO ZUKUSHI DON (Various parts of tuna over rice) for 10,500 yen,

入船 大トロ炙り丼
or OOTORO ABURI DON (Broiled fatty tuna over rice) for 10,500 yen.

入船 inside enlarge
Other fishes are just a little above average and there are tons of better sushi restaurants to dine at if you want other top quality fish. But if you want maguro, this is the go to place in the world. Prices are reasonable compared to other top sushi restaurants and it is located in a residential area of Tokyo. Their interior is old style and not fancy or modern like other top sushi restaurants and probably has been the same since it opened in the 70's, My brother who is a sushi chef in Houston, dreamed about dining at Irifune for years and when he visited us for the first time in 15 yrs and found out it that it was only minutes away from our house, his dream finally became true. He had nothing but a big smile on his face and I'm sure you will too, if you love maguro. Also, best season for maguro is from November to February, so if you can try to dine during this period.

IRIFUNE (in Japanese, 入船)
Address: 3-31-7 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都世田谷区奥沢3-31-7)
Nearest train station: Tokyu Meguro Line (1 min walk) or
Tokyu Toyoko or Ohimachi Line Jiyugaoka (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-3720-1212
Reservations: Yes (must)
Website: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g519600/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: None
Credit Card: Yes, but will charge 5% extra
Open: 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm
Closed: None

Prices: Sushi 10,000-25,000 yen
Maguro Zukushi Don (Various parts of tuna over rice) 10,500 yen
Ootoro Aburi Don (Broiled fatty tuna over rice) 10,500 yen

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