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ICHIRYU (Komazawa)

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Most people have a favorite yakiniku (Japanese style Korean BBQ) restaurant in their neighborhood. These restaurants are focused on family, not businessmen after work and ours is ICHIRYU at Komazawa.

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Ichiryu's meat is top quality meat, but not the finest. They don't have any specialties and their menu is just like any other yakinuku restaurant, but their KAKUTEKI (Japanese radish kimchi) for 500 yen is different from others and its probably why I keep going here. Usually, Kakuteki is just spicy and sour, but Ichiryu's uses dried kelp when they pickle it. This brings out additional sweetness and makes it slimy as well. There is nothing special about their regular Chinese cabbage kimichi, but almost every customer orders kakuteki,

ichiryu ムンチュ
Their house salad, MUNCHU for 1,200 yen is a must as well. Its in a soy sauce & sesame oil based dressing.

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And just like any other good yakiniku restaurant, you want to order KALBI (Marinated or salted short ribs),

ichiryu ハラミ
HARAMI (Marinated or salted beef skirt),

ichiryu ロース
ROSU (Marinated or salted sirloin),

ichiryu 上ミノ
MINO (Marinated or salted rumen) , which all come in various grades. The higher the grade of the meat, the higher the price.

ichiryu 豚トロ
If you want some pork, there is TON TORO (Marinated or salted pork cheek), which is extra juicy and tender.

ichiryu レバ刺し
If you like raw meet, their NAMA LIVER (Raw beef liver) for 1,250 yen is always extra fresh and delicious.

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Their soups are delicious as well and many customers order TEGUTAN SOUP (Spicy beef brisket soup),

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When you are done with your meal, they will serve either ice cream or sherbet for free.

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If you just happened to be in the neighborhood and looking for a reasonable and delicious yakiniku restaurant do try Ichiryu. Do note that Ichiryu is a common name used for a yakiniku restaurant and there are at least 20 with the same in Tokyo.

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ICHIRYU (in Japanese, 一龍)
Address: 2-1-4 Nozawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都世田谷区野沢2-1-4)
Nearest train station: Tokyu Denentoshi line Komazawa (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-3421-2638
Reservations: Yes
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 5pm-3am
Closed: Tuesday

Prices: Jyo Calbi (Special Calbi) 2,500 yen
Calbi (Short rib) 1,300 yen
Harami (Skirt) 1,450 yen
Jyo Tongue (Special Tongue) 1,870 yen
Toro Buta (Extra tender pork) 920 yen
Jyo Mino (Special Rumen) 1,290 yen
Leba Sashi (Liver Sashimi) 1,250 yen
Kakuteki (Spicy pickled Japanese radish) 500 yen
Munchu (Original Salad) 1,200 yen
Other dishes from 400-5,000 yen

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