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シェ・トモ outside
Where would I recommend to dine in the middle of Ginza which has great food, view, service, atmosphere, affordable and also great value? At the top of a very short list that restaurant would be CHEZ TOMO.

シェ・トモ inside
Chez Tomo originally opened in Shirogane and has been popular ever since it opened. Prices were reasonable including their wine list, which not only attracted many foodies, but wine lovers as well.. When I first heard that they moved to a prime location in Ginza, I imagined that the prices would increase significantly, but when I saw prices on their website it was the same, which amazed me since rent must be at least double from their old location. But later on, I found out that Chef Ishikawa got an amazing deal from the buildings owner, who's wife was a regular at Chez Tomo. And now they even have a view to go with their great food and service.

シェ・トモ 豚のリエット オリーブとアンチョビ 無塩バター
You should order either 5,780 or 6,980 yen course menu. The difference is that 6,980 yen has one additional entree. Like most restaurants, first bread will be served with pork rillete, anchovy & olive paste, and unsalted butter.

シェ・トモ 生うにの貴婦人風  Oeufs brouilles aux oursins
Both courses will start with Chef Ichikawa's specialty, NAMAUNI NO KIFUJINFU (Fresh sea urchin grande dame style). It is very creamy and rich. A great amuse to start out your meal.

シェ・トモ カキとフォアグラのフラン
Then comes your 1st Hors-d'oeuvre, which you get to choose. What's available depends on the season and the following have been served in the past. KAKI TOH FOIR GRAS NO FLAN (Oyster and Foie Gras flan),

シェ・トモ かぼちゃのポタージュスープ
KABOCHA NO POTAGE (Pumpkin soup),

シェ・トモ タスマニア産サーモンのマリネと車海老の自家製スモーク サラダのカクテル仕立て 抹茶風味のゼリー添え
TASMANIA-SAN SALMON NO MARINE TOH KURUMAEBI NO JIKASEI SMOKE SALAD NO COCKTAIL JITATE MATCHA FUUMI NO ZELII ZOE (Marinated Tasmanian salmon & smoked prawn salad with green tea flavor jelly),

シェ・トモ フランス産 ウズラの冷製バロティーヌ 二層になった栗のムースとフォワグラのピューレ添え
FRANCE-SAN UZURA NO REISEI BALLOTTINE NISOUNI NATTA KURI NO MOUSSE TOH FOIE GRAS NO PURE ZOE (Cold ballottine of quail from France with chestnut mousse & Foie Gras pure),

シェ・トモ ブルゴーニュ産エスカルゴのソテー にんにく風味のパセリクリームとトマトフォンデュ
BOURGOGNE ESCARGOT NO SAUTE NINNIKU FUUMI NO PARSLEY CREAM TOH TOMATO FONDUE (Escargot from Brittney sauteed with garlic flavor parsley cream and tomato fondue),

シェ・トモ パートプリックをまとわせて焼き上げたフランス産ホワイトアスパラガス 2010年スタイル ブールブラン・ソース添え
PATE BRICK WO MATOWASETE YAKIAGETA FRANCE SAN WHITE ASPARAGUS 2010 NEN STYLE BLU BLANC SAUCE ZOE (Asparagus from France wrapped with pate brick 2010 style with Blu Blanc sauce),

シェ・トモ マーブル仕立てにプレスされたフォワグラ 冬枯椎茸 里芋 豚耳のテリーヌ プラムの赤ワインコンポート添え
and MARBLE JITATENI PRESS SARETA FOIE GRAS, FUYUKARESHIITAKE, SATOIMO, BUTA NO MIMI NO TERRINE PLUM NO AKAWINE COMPOTE ZOE (Foie Gras, winter shiitake mushrooms, taro, pigs ear terrine with plum & red wine compote).

シェ・トモ 山梨県産 無農薬野菜達 30種の盛り合わせ
Next is your 2nd Hors-d'oeuvre and another chef's special, MUNOUYAKU YASAI TACHI SANJYUSHU NO MORIAWASE (30 different organic vegetables). Some are marinated, some are just boiled, some are grilled. Its the simplicity what makes this dish special.

シェ・トモ ココットの中で煮込まれたプラチナ豚の大腸、直腸、胃の白ワイン風味 カーン風
For your main dish, there is COCOTTE NO NAKADE NIKOMARETA PURACHINA BUTA NO DAICHO, CHOKUCHO, I NO SHIRO WINE FUUMI CAEN-FUU (Caen style stew of platinum pork's tripe and intestine with white wine cooked in a cocotte),

シェ・トモ パイ生地で蓋をしてココットの中で焼き上げた森の茸とフランス産仔牛肉のプレゼ マディラ風味
PAIKIJI DE FUTAWOSHITE COCOTTE NO NAKADE YAKIAGETA MORI NO TAKE TOH FRANCE SAN KOUSHI NO PRESE MADEIRA FUUMI (Veal from France and mushrooms Madeira wine flavor covered and cooked in a pie),

シェ・トモ 地魚と蟹のガトー仕立て アボカドのムースリーヌとトマトのクーリ添え
JIZAKANA TOH KANI NO GATEAU JITATE AVOCADO NO MOUSSELINE TOH TOMATO NO COULIS (Fish of the day & crab gateau with avocado mousseline and tomato puree),

シェ・トモ 地魚のソテー ズッキーニの鱗仕立て サフラン風味のマリニエールソース
JIZAKANA NO SAUTE ZUCCHINI UROKO JITATE SAFRAN FUUMI NO MARINIER SAUCE (Sauteed fish of the day and scale carved zucchini with saffron flavored Marinier sauce),

シェ・トモ 野生鹿ロース肉のロースト ポワヴラードソース
and game dishes like YASEI SHIKA ROSU NIKU NO ROAST POIVRADE SAUCE (Roasted wild dear loin with poivrade sauce) are available when its game season. (fall to early winter)

シェ・トモ チーズワゴン
If you want you can order cheese before desert for an extra fee.

シェ・トモ ヴァローナ社のチョコレートを使ったアイスとケーキ
And for desert, they have dishes like VALRHONA SHA NO CHOCOLATE WO TUKATTA ICE TOH CAKE (Valrhona chocolate ice cream and cake),

シェ・トモ パインナップルのクレープシュゼット
PINEAPPLE NO CREPE SUZETTE (Pineapple crepe suzette),

シェ・トモ パンプディング&アイス
PAN PUDDING AND ICE (Bread pudding with vanilla ice cream),

シェ・トモ 桃のゼリーとソルベピーチチップス添え
and MOMO NO ZELII TOH SORBET PEACH CHIPS ZOE (Peach jelly and sherbet with dried peach chips).

シェ・トモ inside 11th floor
Value wise Chez Tomo is as good as it can get. There aren't too many other restaurants especially French that come par to Chez Tomo value wise. Because of their location, they could be charging at least 50% more. They have two floors you can dine at. First floor, more of a modern decor where most customers dine and second floor more classical decor used for parties. If you need a good French restaurant with a view, located in the heart of Ginza and great value, there is no better place than Chez Tomo.

シェ・トモ inside 12th floor

CHEZ TOMO (in Japanese, シェ・トモ)
Address: 1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Pola Ginza Bldg 11th Floor)
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区銀座1-7-7 ポーラ銀座ビル 11F)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Ginza (6 min walk)
Tel: 03-5524-8868
Reservations: Yes (must)
Website: http://www.chez-tomo.com/ginza_e/index.html
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6pm-10pm
Closed: Monday
When Monday is a holiday, Monday for dinner & Tuesday all day will be closed

Prices: Lunch Course 2,890 or 5,000 yen
Dinner Course 5,780, 6,980 or 10,000 yen

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Really good recommendation we tried it tonight and loved it!
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