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SUMITA (Akabane)

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sumita outside
There weren't many Sanuki Udon restaurants in Tokyo, but ever since a movie about Sanuki Udon played a couple of years ago, a few have opened over the last 5 years. But probably the most famous one and considered the best to many is SUMITA at Akabane. Sumita has been open for over 10 years and just until a couple of years ago it was the only Sanuki udon restaurant which served real Sanuki udon.

sumita udon shinning
So whats Sanuki udon different from other udons? Well, broth is made out of dried sardines and kelp, but a great Sanuki udon actually shines like the above picture.

sumita かしわおろしぶっかけ
It tastes great either cold or hot, but if you want to enjoy flavor of flour, try it cold like KASHIWA OROSHI BUKAKE (Cold Udon with Chicken Tempura & Japanese Radish) for 750 yen or

Sumita かしわざる
KASHIWA ZARU (Cold Udon and separate dipping sauce with Chicken Tempura) for 800 yen. Kashiwaten (Chicken tempura) is available only at Sanuki udon restaurants and if you never had it before its a must.

sumita かしわうどん
If you wanna eat it hot then there is KASHIWA UDON (Hot Udon in soup with Chicken Tempura) for 750 yen,

sumita 釜あげ
KAMAAGE (Udon in Hot water with dipping sauce) for 700 yen, which you can simply enjoy just the udon,

sumita 釜玉
KAMATAMA (Hot Udon with raw egg & soy-sauce) for 700 yen, which is like Carbonara

sumita かしわカレー
or CURRY UDON (Hot Udon with Curry) for 850 yen.

sumita 讃岐のおでん盛り合わせ
There are various side dishes & starters as well like ODEN MORIAWASE (Assorted Oden) for 500 yen,

sumita 天ぷら盛り合わせ(650円)
YASAI TEMPURA (Assorted Vegetable Tempura) for 550 yen,

sumita 半熟玉子天
or HANJUKU TAMAGO (Soft Boiled Egg Tempura) for 250 yen.

sumita inside 1
If you're going to Sumita during lunch time (between 12am-1pm) expect a decent wait until you get a table. Also there is nothing really to do or to see where Sumita is. So unless you enjoy udon it might not be worth the trip, but if you do enjoy Sanuki udon and want to have one of the best in Tokyo, its worth the trip. Its about 90 minutes away by car from where I live, but I go at least once a month.

sumita menu

SUMITA (in Japanese, すみた)
Address: 2-52-8 Shimo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都北区志茂2-52-8)
Nearest train station: JR Akabane or Tokyo Metro Akabane-Iwabuchi (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-3903-0099
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: Weekdays 11am-1:45pm, 6pm-9pm Sat, Sun, Hol 11am-3pm only
Closed: Monday, 1st & 3rd Sunday

Prices: Kashiwa Oroshi Bukake (Cold Udon with Chicken Tempura & Japanese Radish) 750 yen
Kashiwa Udon (Hot Udon in soup with Chicken Tempura) 750 yen
Kashiwa Zaru (Cold Udon and separate dipping sauce with Chicken Tempura) 800 yen
Kamatama (Hot Udon with raw egg) 700 yen
Kamaage (Udon in Hot water) 700 yen
Curry Udon (Hot Udon with Curry) 850 yen
Oden Moriawase (Assorted Oden) 500 yen
Hanjuku Tamago (Soft Boiled Egg Tempura) 250 yen
Yasai Tempura (Assorted Vegetable Tempura) 550 yen
Other items from 100-1,200 yen

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