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BIGIYA (Gakugei-Daigaku)

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Many new ramen shops which opened in the last few years have been only using organic ingredients and also not using MSG. It is difficult to creative great ramen without MSG, since MSG gives you umami (deep flavor). Most shops are always missing umami and leave customers unsatisfied, but BIGIYA at Gakugei-Daigaku is one of the few ramen shops which creates great ramen soup without using MSG.

bigiya ingredients
The owner of Bigiya worked/trained at Setagaya group, which is known for not using MSG and has over 10 stores in Tokyo and also one in New York. I wasn't a fan of any of Setagaya group's ramen shops since for me, the soup was always missing umami. So when I heard of the opening of Bigiya, I had some doubt that the ramen will be similar to Setagaya group, but I was wrong. Unlike most ramen shops, there is a list of what they use and where its from at every table.

bigiya ramen
Bigiya's menu is pretty simple. SHOYU RAMEN (Soy Sauce Ramen) for 700 yen, which has some Menma, Chashu, and Green Onion on top and

bigiya tsukemen
SHOYU TSUKEMEN (Soy Sauce Tsukemen) for 750 yen. The noodles for Tsukemen are a little thicker than ramen, but it is still thin compared to other tsukemen's.

bigiya tamago
You can add HANJYUKU AJITUKE TAMAGO (Seasoned Soft Boiled Egg) for 100 yen, extra CHASHU (Roast Pork) for 250 yen and OHMORI (extra noodles) for 100 yen.

bigiya konbu
They have side dishes like KONBU GOHAN (Seasoned Kelp over rice) for 150 yen

bigiya shiraru
and KAMAAGE SHIRASU GOHAN (Boiled Whitebait over rice) for 300 yen, which I always order with ramen.

bigiya inside
Since Gakugei-Daigaku is a residential area, which is 7 minutes away from Shibuya by train, most customers are usually locals living near Bigiya, but you do see ramen freaks from all over Japan as well taking pictures of the ramen and shop. If you like Shoyu ramen without any MSG in it, Bigiya is one of the few places I can recommend.

bigiya kenbaiki

BIGIYA (in Japanese, びぎ屋)
Address: 2-4-9 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都目黒区鷹番2-4-9)
Nearest train station: Tokyu Toyoko Line Gakugei-Daigaku (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-5722-1669
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.bigiya.com/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11am-2:30pm, 6pm-9pm (will close early when soldout)
Closed: Tuesday

Prices: Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce Ramen) 700 yen
Shoyu Ramen Hanjyuku Ajitsuke Tamago Iri (Soy Sauce Ramen with Seasoned Half Boiled Egg) 800 yen
Shoyu Ramen Chashu Mashi (Soy Sauce Ramen with Roast Pork) 950 yen
Shoyu Tsukemen (Shoyu Tsukemen) 750 yen
Shoyu Tsukemen Hanjyuku Tamago Iri (Soy Sauce Tsukemen with Seasoned Half Boiled Egg) 850 yen
Shoyu Tsukemen Chashu Mashi (Soy Sauce Tsukemen with Roast Pork) 1,000 yen
Kamaage Shirasu Gohan (Boiled Whitebait over Rice) 300 yen
Konbu Gohan (Seasoned Kelp over Rice) 150 yen
Aburi Chashu Gohan (Roast Pork over Rice) 300 yen

Toppings: Hanjyuku Ajitsuke Tamago (Seasoned Half Boiled Egg) 100 yen
Chashu (Roast Pork) 250 yen

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