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築地とうがらし outside 2
When the weather is cold, one of my favorite lunch restaurants in Tsujiki is TSUKIJI TOHGARASHI. Tohgarashi is actually a Yakiniku restaurant (Japanese style Korean BBQ) at night, but their CHIGE (Spicy hot stew....in Korean it is actually spelled Jjigae, not Chige) at lunch is known to almost anyone who works at Tsukiji. Its located only a couple of minutes away from Tsukiji Fish Market and you will never see tourists, only office workers coming for lunch. The building is almost like a shack and the inside isn't pretty to say the least, but their Chige is by far the best lunch Chige I ever had in Tokyo.

築地とうがらし menu
Before you walk into Tohgarashi there will be a menu hanging outside on their door. The menu is pretty simple since there are only 5 items to choose from.

築地とうがらし stairs (2)
When you walk into Tohgarashi, you first tell the waiter (there is only one), what your order is and pick up a spoon & chopsticks. There are only 2 tables on the first floor and usually they will tell you to go to the second or third floor using the stairs,

築地とうがらし chige ramen
Most people order CHIGE RAMEN (Spicy Hot Stew Ramen) for 880 yen. They only serve 30 Chige Ramen's and its not as spicy as it looks. Besides the noodles, beef & various vegetables are in the Chige. Also, they use instant Korean ramen noodles and broth is made out of mainly beef. I always order this if it is still available and a bowl of rice for 120 yen with it as well. (its usually sold out before 12:45pm or so)

築地とうがらし udon
The second popular dish is CHIGE UDON (Spicy Hot Stew Udon) for 880 yen. The only difference between Chige Ramen and Chige Udon is the noodles.

築地とうがらし chige rice ojiya
And then, they just have CHIGE RICE (Spicy Hot Stew with Rice) for 880 yen. This doesn't have any noodles and instead it comes with a bowl of rice. If you want an extra large rice its an additional 100 yen. You can also make all the Chige's spicier if you prefer for an additional 100 yen or even extra spicy for 200 yen. You can also add an egg for 50 yen as well. Some customers add the rice into soup like the above.

築地とうがらし bibinba
Besides Chige, they have ISHIYAKIi BIBINPA (Vegetables & Grounded Beef over Rice in Hot Stone Bowl) for 880 yen. They also have regular BIBINPA (Vegetables & Grounded Beef over Rice) for 880 yen. I've have never ordered these two dishes, so I can't comment on how good it is.

築地とうがらし inside
I wouldn't recommend going to Tohgarashi during the summer since you will be sweating so much while you are eating. I've never had dinner here so never tried their Yakinuki and therefore can't comment on what dinner is like, but if its a cold day and want to eat something warm for lunch, I can't think of a better place in Tsukiji then Tohgarashi's Chige. I took my wife here for the first time in January and the only words she said while she was eating was "Oishii" meaning delicious. Try to get to Tohgarashi before 12:30pm because a couple of dishes will be sold out by then.

TSUKIJI TOHGARASHI (in Japanese, 築地とうがらし)
Address: 6-3-6 Tshukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区築地6-3-6)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Tsukiji (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-3545-4322
Reservations: No
Website: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/a037101/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-1:30pm
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, Holiday

Prices: Chige Rice (Spicy Hot Stew with Rice) 880 yen
Chige Ramen (Spicy Hot Stew Ramen) 880 yen
Chige Udon (Spicy Hot Stew Udon) 880 yen
Bibinba (Vegetables & Grounded Beef over Rice) 880 yen
Ishiyaki Bibinba (Vegetables & Grounded Beef over Rice in Hot Stone Bowl) 880 yen
Rice 120 yen
Extra Large Rice additional 100 yen
Egg 50 yen
Spicy 100 yen
Extra Spicy 200 yen

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