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ラーメン二郎 三田本店 outside
Keio University and Waseda University are 2 of the best private universities in Japan and arch rivals as well. (like Cambridge vs Oxforrd, Harvard vs Yale) Two of my former colleagues graduated from Keio and Waseda, They would often talk about which school did better in various sports that year. One day, the Keio graduate was bragging that Keio won almost every sports match that year and Waseda had nothing. The guy who went to Waseda got upset and said "We have more trophies than Keio in total, but the only thing that Keio has and we don't is RAMEN JIRO." I started to laugh, but it was the best example I ever heard about the two schools.

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 inside
Ramen Jiro is in Mita and right next to Keio University. Its been there since early 70's and immediately became popular among Keio students, but 40 years later people who worked under owner/chef Hiromi Yamada have opened their own shop using the name Ramen Jiro in various parts of Kanto region and there are over 40 of them. There are also over 20 people who worked under Yamada not using the name Ramen Jiro, but serving the same type of ramen. And over 100 shops inspired by Ramen Jiro as well. Many Jiro fans enjoy visiting all these shops and they are called JIRORIAN instead of your normal ramen freak.

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 sho
So, what makes Jiro's ramen different from others? Well, many Jirorian's say that Jiro's ramen isn't ramen, its Jiro. First, the soup is made out of mainly pork meat and fat with some vegetables added. The pork fat makes it extra oily. A tablespoon of MSG is added to the soup with soy sauce and Chashu (boiled/roast pork) is called Buta (pork) instead. Yasai (boiled bean sprouts and cabbage) is added on the top.

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 men up
Noodles are extra thick almost like udon.

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 buta double
There is Sho Ramen (Small ramen) 600 yen, Buta-Iri Sho Ramen (Small ramen with extra pork) 700 yen, Buta Double Sho Ramen (Small ramen with double pork) 800 yen, Dai Ramen (Large Ramen) 650 yen, Buta-Iri Dai Ramen (Large ramen with extra pork) 750 yen, Buta Double Dai Ramen (Large ramen with double pork) 850 yen. (The above is Buta Double Sho Ramen)
Portions are huge and even the Sho Ramen is at least double the amount of your average ramen. If its your 1st time at Jiro I would strongly recommend to order a Sho Ramen or Sho Buta-iri Ramen. You can order less noodles or half noodles of Sho Ramen, if you think you can't finish a regular Sho Ramen.
(The above is Buta Double Sho Ramen)

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 garlic
When its ready to serve they will ask you "Ninniku iremasuka" (Do you want chopped fresh garlic added?). You can not only add garlic, but also Yasai, Abura (pork fat), and soy sauce which is called Karame as well. You can also choose the amount you want to add as well which is all free of charge.

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 buta
There is Mashi which is extra (the above is Yasai Mashi)

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 mashi
and Mashi Mashi, which is extra large (the above is everything Mashi Mashi including noodles which isn't free, a 100 yen extra)

ラーメン二郎 三田本店 outside 1
Unless you are lucky the wait at Jiro is minimum 30 min and on a bad day over 2 hrs and also Jiro is not for everyone. The first time, I ever had it I couldn't believe that it was actually ramen and left most of it. But a couple of days later for some reason I wanted to try it again and have been hooked ever since. Its almost like a drug, once you are hooked, its hard to stop. I've only met a few people who enjoyed Jiro from the beginning and my wife was one of them. We both crave for Jiro once a month and although our work schedule won't allow us to go to the one in Mita, we go to one near our house. And I admit that I'm a Jirorian as well. Also, every Jiro shop tastes a little different from one another so find one that you enjoy, but the standard taste is this location. By the way, there is a Jiro near Waseda University now in Takadanobaba.

RAMEN JIRO MITA HONTEN (in Japanese, ラーメン二郎 三田本店)
Address: 2-16-4 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区三田2-16-4)
Nearest train station: JR Tamachi (10 min walk)
Toden Subway Mita (8 min walk)
Tel: Unavailable
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 10pm-3pm (final order will be around 2:20pm, so try to get there before 2pm)
Closed: Sunday & Holidays

Prices: Sho Ramen (Small ramen) 600 yen
Buta-Iri Sho Ramen (Small ramen with extra pork) 700 yen
Buta Double Sho Ramen (Small ramen with double pork) 800 yen
Dai Ramen (Large Ramen) 650 yen
Buta-Iri Dai Ramen (Large ramen with extra pork) 750 yen
Buta Double Dai Ramen (Large ramen with double pork) 850 yen

Free Toppings:
Ninniku (Garlic)
Ninniku Mashi (Extra garlic)
Ninnniku Mashi Mashi (Double extra garlic)
Yasai Mashi (Extra vegetables)
Yasai Mashi Mashi (Double extra vegetables)
Abura Mashi (Extra fat)
Abura Mashi Mashi (Double extra fat)
Karame (Extra soy sauce)

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