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KAMIYA (Negishi)

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香味屋 outside
There are many famous youshoku restaurants in Tokyo, but probably one of the most famous is KAMIYA at Negishi.

香味屋 ミンチカツ 2000
Their signiture dish is probably MENCHI KATSU (Deep friend minced beef cover with bread crumbs) for 2,000 yen. Many foodies consider it the best in Tokyo and my favorite as well.

香味屋 ミンチカツ 1
When you cut it a flood of meat juice will come out, but still crispy on the outside. Most restaurants use lower to average quality beef & pork since the meat is minced, but Kamiya uses the best, which makes it extra juicy.

香味屋 ビーフカツレツ 4800
Instead of minced meat, they have BEEF CUTLET for 4,800 yen.

香味屋 ビーフカツレツ 1
Its cooked medium rare and top quality steak meat is used instead of rump meat, which most restaurants use.

香味屋 スペシャル洋食弁当A(3,150円)
They have a bento box called SPECIAL YOUSHOKU BENTO A for 3,150 yen, if you want to try various items.

香味屋 ハンバーグステーク 2000
They offer popular youshoku dishes which most restaurants offer like HAMBURG STEAK for 2,000 yen,

香味屋 beef stew 3000
BEEF STEW for 3,000 yen,

香味屋 タンシチュー 3800
TONGUE STEW for 3,800 yen,

香味屋 omurice 2000
OMURICE (Chicken ketchup fried rice instead an omelet) for 2,000 yen,

香味屋 ハヤシライス 2300
HAYASHI RICE (Hashed beef over rice) for 2,300 yen,

香味屋 kaki fri 2000
and when in season, they offer KAKI FURAI (Deep fried oysters covered with bread crumbs) for 2,000 yen.

香味屋 若鶏のソテー イタリア風 2500
Many original dishes are available as well like WAKADORI NO SAUTE ITATIAFU (Saute chicken Italian style) for 2,500 yen,

香味屋 和牛フィレのマスタードソース 8000
and WAGYU FILET NO MUSTARD SAUCE (Filet mignon steak with mustard sauce) for 8,000 yen.

香味屋 オードブル 2300
If you want to start out your meal with hors d'oeuvre, they have a mix hors d'oeuvre plate called HORS D'OEUVRE TORIAWASE for 2,300 yen,

香味屋 サラダ 920
or if you want a salad, they offer several and TORIAWASE SALAD (Assorted salad) for 920 yen is popular to regulars.

香味屋 カスタードプリン 600
They also offer good deserts like CUSTARD PUDDING for 600 yen,

香味屋 パパイヤのババロア 800
and PAPAIYA NO BABAROA (Papaya Bavarian cream) for 800 yen.

香味屋 inside
Compared to most youshoku restaurants, Kamiya's interior is elegant and chic, and you'll feel like you are dining at a fine French restaurant. It opened in 1925 and families have been dining here for generations like mine.

香味屋 inside 2

KAMIYA (in Japanese, 香味屋)
Address: 3-18-18 Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都台東区根岸3-18-18)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Iriya (8 min walk) or
JR Uguisudani (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-3873-2116
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.kami-ya.co.jp
English menu: No
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 11:30am-8pm
Closed: None

Prices: Minchi Katsu (Minced beef cutlet) 2,000 yen
Beef Stew 3,000 yen
Tongue Stew 3,800 yen
Special Yoshoku Bento A 3,150 yen
Kaki Furai (Deep fried oyster) 2,000 yen
Omurice (Omelet rice) 2,000 yen
Hamburg Steak 2,000 yen
Beef Cutlet 4,800 yen
Wakadori No Saute Itariafu (Saute chicken Italian style) 2,500 yen
Wagyu Filet No Mustard Sauce 8,000 yen
Hayashi Rice (Hashed beef over rice) 2,300 yen
Hors d'oeuvre 2,300 yen
Papaiya No Babaroa (Papaya Bavarian cream) 800 yen
Custard Pudding 600 yen
Other dishes 1,000-8,000 yen

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MAKOTO (Nihonbashi)

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誠 outside
One of my idols growing up was Jiro Shirasu, legendary opinion leader and business man. I read every single book about him and on one of them, there was a story about a steak restaurant he was a regular at. It said that it was in a small alley with no sign outside, which made it more interesting to me. This restaurant is MAKOTO at Nihonbashi.

Makoto doesn't have a menu. The owner/chef will ask you if you want to start out with some appetizer's first or just want steak. Most customers will have some appetizer's first. Usually, they have EBI FURAI (Deep fried prawn)

GYU SASHI (Beef sashimi)


GYU TONGUE (Grilled beef tongue with wasabi)

and their famous COLESLAW.

Next will be the steak and he'll ask you the size you want to eat. You can choose from 150g, 200g, 250g. They only serve sirloin and you can't tell him how well you want it cooked. Just choose the size and it will be cooked right in front of you on a teppan. It comes with some fresh grated wasabi, which goes perfect with the steak. The owner/chef doesn't use a particular brand of beef. He uses the best beef available at the market.

You can choose to have GARLIC RICE (Fried rice with garlic)

or OKAKA GOHAN (Rice with dried bonito flakes) since no bread is served with the steak.

誠 inside
When you enter Makoto, you will see a sushi like wooden counter where most people sit, but they do have table seats upstairs. Its probably not a place for dates since majority of the customers are elder businessmen dining with their customers or friends. They don't have a wine list, but if you want prime steak in a special kind of atmosphere, Makoto is one of the top steak restaurants to go.

誠 inside 2

MAKOTO (in Japanese, 誠)
Address: 1-4-5 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区日本橋本町1-4-5)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Mitsukoshimae (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3241-7502
Reservations: Yes (must)
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
Closed: Sunday & Holiday

Prices: Between 20,000-30,000 yen

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銀之塔 outside
Ginza has many restaurants which have been open for over 50 years and considered well-established restaurants. One of my favorite restaurants in Ginza for lunch is GINNOTOU, which specializes in authentic beef and tongue stew.

銀之塔 beef stew
Ginnotou's menu is pretty simple. They only offer four dishes. First is BEEF STEW for 2,500 yen , which is extra tender and rich in flavor, but not oily at all.

銀之塔 yasai
Second is YASAI STEW (Vegetable stew) for 2,500 yen. No meat, just boiled vegetables.

銀之塔 mix stew
Third is MIX STEW (Beef & vegetable stew) for 2,500 yen.

銀之塔 タンシチュー
Four is TONGUE STEW for 3,500 yen, which is more popular than beef stew to regulars. They also have mix of tongue and vegetable stew for 3,500 yen.

銀之塔 ミニグラタン
There only none stew dish is GRATIN for 1,800 yen. This is another classic yoshoku dish with macaroni, shrimp and mushrooms.

銀之塔 ビーフシチュー
And if you want both stew and gratin, there is STEW GRATIN MINI SET (Regular size beef, vegetable or mix stew & small size gratin) for 3,700 yen. Most customers order stew gratin mini set, not just the stew. If you want tongue instead of beef, its 1,000 yen more. All the stews come with rice and oshinko (pickled vegetables).

銀之塔 タンシチューをごはんにかけます
and the stew goes great with rice.

銀之塔 inside
There are actually two famous stew restaurants in Ginza, but since Ginnotou does delivery for the kabuki actors who perform at the kabuki theater near by it is better known to the public. I personally enjoy both restaurants, but since Ginnotou offers gratin and the other doesn't, I end up going to Ginnotou more. Its a little expensive for lunch, but if you are in Ginza and want to have something authentic which stood the test of time, try stew and gratin at Ginnotou.

GINNOTOU (in Japanese, 銀之塔)
Address: 4-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区銀座4-13-6)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Higashi-Ginza (2 min walk) or Ginza (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-5524-8868
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.ginnotou.shop-site.jp/index.html (in Japanese only)
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-8:30pm
Closed: December 29th to January 3rd only

Prices: Beef, Yasai (Vegetable) or Mix Stew 2,500 yen
Tongue Stew 3,500 yen
Gratin 1,800 yen
Stew Gratin Mini Set (Regular size beef, vegeatable or mix stew & small size gratin) 3,700 yen
1,000 yen more if you want Tongue stew for Stew Gratin Mini Set

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KIRA (Ginza)

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季楽 outside 1
There a number of restaurants in Tokyo owned by other prefectures to promote their agricultural & seafood products,providing dishes for a reasonable price. But a restaurant owned by Saga prefecture serves top quality wagyu beef and great service for dining on special occasions or business dinners, not for daily use like other restaurants. KIRA at Ginza is that restaurant.

季楽 せいろ蒸し 3
Kira serves Saga beef, which isn't as famous as Kobe, Matsuzaka, Maesawa or the other famous brands, but is as good as others. All beef dishes have 3 ranks of beef to choose from but I recommend to order the top quality, which is SAIKOHKYU SAGAGYU (Special Saga beef).

seiro mushi
My favorite dish here is SEIRO MUSHI (Steamed slices of beef and vegetables) .

季楽 せいろ蒸し 1
First, various vegetables, all from Saga prefecture come out in a wooden steamer.

季楽 せいろ蒸し 2
Then you add slices of beef on top of it and put a cover over it. It should cook in less than 5 minutes.

季楽 sauce
When its ready, take the beef and vegetables together and dip it to either ponzu sauce or sesame sauce. It is so light and Saga beef just matches perfectly with vegetables.

季楽 フランベタイム
For me the reason why I go to Kira is for this Seiro Mushi, but most people go for TEPPANYAKI (Steak cooked on a large iron plate).

季楽 フィレとサーロイン
Just like any steak restaurant you can choose either Filet Mignon or Sirloin.

季楽 最高級佐賀牛のサーロイン

季楽 もやしは別皿
Besides the steak, various vegetables will be cooked together on the teppan (large iron plate).

季楽 薬味(ニンニク醤油)
It comes with a soy sauce based garlic sauce,

季楽 薬味(ゆず胡椒とわさび
wasabi and yuzu kosho (paste made from yuzu zest and chile peppers)

季楽 ジャンボニンニク
and of course, some garlic chips.

季楽 ガーリックチャーハン
You can order GARLIC RICE (Garlic fried rice) if you are having teppanyaki,

季楽 炊き立て佐賀の白米とお味噌汁
or if you are having Seiro Mushi, you can order plain rice with miso soup.

季楽 釜炊き新米
The rice is from Saga prefecture as well and they will cook it for each person in a small rice cooker.

季楽 Assorted Appetizer
If you are ordering a course menu which I strongly recommend, all courses come with appetizers.

季楽 sashimi
Some come with sashimi as well.

季楽 さくら肉のお刺身
Or if you want to be a bit extreme, they have SAKURANIKU NO SASHIMI (Horse meat sashimi) as well.

季楽 デザートの盛り合わせ
Of course, most courses come with desert.

季楽 inside
Whatever you have at Kira, everything comes from Saga prefecture. Beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and fruits. If you are hungry, they do have a course with both Seiro Mushi & Teppanyaki, where the size of the steak is smaller than the normal teppanyaki course. It might not be a restaurant for daily use, but if you want to have great beef cooked in a different way or have teppanyaki, I strongly recommend Kira. Its located in the heart of Ginza in a building where other tenants are also famous restaurants.

KIRA (in Japanese, 季楽)
Address: 5-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Royal Crystal Ginza Bldg 5F)
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区銀座5-4-6 ロイヤルクリスタル銀座 5F)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Ginza (1 min walk)
Tel: 03-3987-8556
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://jasaga.or.jp/kira/ginza/index.html (in Japanese only)
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-11pm
Closed: None

Prices: Lunch Course (regular table) 3,800-9,000 yen
Lunch Course (teppan counter) 3,800-9,000 yen
Dinner Course (regular table) 13,000-20,000 yen
Dinner Course (teppan counter) 10,000-30,000 yen

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キッチン・ボン outside large
This Yoshoku restaurant (Japanese style Western food) has been open for more than 50 years and was where many celebrates of 60- 80's ate at. Celebrates like Akira Kurosawa, Yujiro Ishihara, Shigeo Nagashima and especially Hibari Misora were regulars. KITCHEN BON at Ebisu is still one of the finest yoshoku restaurants in Tokyo.

キッチン・ボン borushichi 1
Compared to other yoshoku restaurants Kitchen Bon is expensive. They use only the best ingredients available at the market just like a 3 star Michelin restaurant. Because of this prices are usually double of other yoshoku restaurants. If there is one signature dish that will be Borusichi (Borscht) for 1,470 yen. Borusichi is a Russian soup/stew. It is arranged from the original Russian version. You can order bread or rice with it and have it as your main dish, but I usually order a half size so I can have it more like a soup.

キッチン・ボン beef cutlet
There is nothing that isn't delicious at Kitchen Bon and here are some of their dishes. BEEF CUTLET for 4,200 yen,

キッチン・ボン hayashi
HAYASHI RICE (Hashed beef over rice) for 2,600 yen,

キッチン・ボン zuwaigani koroke
KANI CREAM KOROTKE (Cream crab croquette) for 2,700 yen,

キッチン・ボン shariapin steak
CHALIAPIN STEAK (Steak with onion sauce) for 8,400 yen,

キッチン・ボン hanburg L
HAMBURG STEAK for 2,000 yen,

キッチン・ボン pork chop hawaiian
PORK CHOP HAWAIIAN for 3,500 yen,

キッチン・ボン beef strog
BEEF STROGANOFF for 3,700 yen.

キッチン・ボン inside large
They do have a lunch menu which is a little cheaper than the above, but the number of items are limited. Because of the price range it may not be a yoshoku restaurant for daily use, but if you want great yoshoku food, Kitchen Bon is a must place to dine in Tokyo. I have recommended Kitchen Bon to over 100 people and none of them complained about the food. And also their deserts are simple but delicious as well.

キッチン・ボン inside

KITCHEN BON (in Japanese, キッチン・ボン)
Address: 1-3-11 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-3-11)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Gaienmae (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-3461-8538
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 12:05pm-1:30pm, 6:05pm-8:15pm
Closed: Wednesday & 3rd Thursday

Prices: Borusichi (Borscht) 1,470 yen
Hayashi Rice (Hashed beef over rice) 2,600 yen
Beef Stew 3,000 yen
Kani Cream Korotke (Cream crab croquette) 2,700 yen
Beef Cutlet 4,200 yen
Chaliapin Steak 8,400 yen
Other items from 800-5,000 yen

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RANDY (Jimbocho)

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ランディ outside
There are many Hamburg Steak restaurants in Tokyo, but RANDY at Jinbocho is the only shop which uses hand cut shredded beef, not machine ground beef for their hamburg steaks. Because of this beef is chewy, but still very soft.

ランディバーグ200g ガリマヨソース
Their menu is very simple. You just order RANDY BAHGU by weight. Standard size is 200g for 950 yen, but you can order more if you want to. Also, you get to choose a sauce of your choice and the most popular one and my favorite is GARIMAYO (Garlic Mayonnaise).

ランディ rice soup
It comes with rice and soup, which are free of refills.

You can order extra sauce for 200 yen if you need more. My other favorite is WASAMAYO (Wasabi Mayonnaise).

Other popular sauce's are OROSHI (Soy Sauce & Radish),

and BUTTER, which is not just regular butter. Its a mix of butter and other ingredients, which is a secret recipe.

ランディ inside
Randy is more like a lunch restaurant than dinner. Their hamburg steak is somewhere between a normal hamburg steak and regular steak. If you want to eat a different kind of hamburg steak, which is a little more meaty, check out Randy.

ランディ menu

Randy (in Japanese, ランディ)
Address: 2-1-3 Nishi Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Basement Floor)
(in Japanese, 東京都千代田区西神田2-1-3 トービケンビル B1F)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway Jimbocho (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-3239-0521
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm
Closed: Sunday

Prices: Randy Bahgu 150g (Randy Hamburg Steak) 850 yen
Randy Bahgu 200g (Randy Hamburg Steak) 950 yen
Randy Bahgu 250g (Randy Hamburg Steak) 1,050 yen
Randy Bahgu 300g (Randy Hamburg Steak) 1,150 yen
Yasai Itame (Stir fried vegetables) 170 yen
Nama Yasai (Salad) 170 yen

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かわむら outside1
If you want to have dinner at Ginza and prefer top steak, one of the hardest and best restaurant to get a table is KAWAMURA. Kawamura actually doesn't have any tables, if just has 8 counter seats. And because of this its the hardest seat to get in all of Ginza now. There is no one else working at Kawamura besides Chef Kawamura. He does it all by himself....cooking, serving, cleaning and whatever else there is to do.

かわむら appitizer
There is no menu at Kawamura and Chef Kawamura will ask you what you would like to have. He will tell you what is available and arrange a course menu for just you and your company. Dishes really depend on the season, but appetizers like Smoke Salmon & Foie Gras Pate are usually available. The salmon are smoked by him, not bought from some wholesaler and of course the pate is made by him as well. Authentic simple appetizer, but simply very good.

かわむら abalone and caveer
One of my favorite appetizer is Abalone with Caviar in Sour Cream sauce. The caviar with sour cream sauce just matches perfectly with the lightly grilled abalone.

かわむら tartar steak
If you just want to have mainly beef dishes, there is Tartar Steak. Another dish available at many restaurants, but by far it is the best Tartar Steak I ever had.

kawamura salad
Kawamura's original salad dressing is unlike any other and just so good.

kawamura コンソメスープ
Clear Beef Soup is another dish that is so simple and authentic, but just simply good.

かわむら beef cutlet
Next you will move to Beef Cutlet (above picture), Hamburg Steak or

かわむら tongue
Tongue Steak, and just like Tartar Steak, Kawamura's Tongue Steak is the best I ever had.

かわむら steak
Then to the main dish, the steak. Where the beef is from varies by the day, but one thing common is that they are the best black hair wagyu (Japanese beef) available on the market and also female virgins. It is consider that female virgin cow's meat are tender than other cows.

かわむら grill
The steak is grilled at a low heat slowly instead of high heat like other steak restaurants. This keeps the steak extra tender and juicy according to Chef Kawamura.

かわむら curry rice
After the steak, Beef Curry Rice (above picture), Fried Rice, Spaghetti Meat Sauce or some other rice/pasta dish will be served.

kawamura desert
And of course, it ends with a simple desert, usually Cream Caramel with Ice Cream. If there is one thing missing at Kawamura it is probably the dessert. It is delicious, but there are other restaurants that are better.

かわむら steak sandwitch
You can also take out, Beef Cutlet Sandwich to eat at home or an omiyage.

One thing I need to make clear is that Kawamura isn't for everyone. The meal will cost you over 30,000 yen per person and even much more depending on the wine you drink. There is nothing fancy about Kawamura's food or interior, but everything is just right. Portions of each dish are fairly small and he will also do special requests for your next visit. I saw a person having ramen, traditional Japanese dishes, and even Chinese dishes. Just tell him what you want to eat on your next visit and Chef Kawamura will always try to satisfy customers and also enjoys the challenge. The only problem is that it has become so popular that its almost impossible to get a seat, but if you can it will be a steak dinner you probably won't forget for a very long time. Try booking at least 2 months in advance.

KAWAMURA (in Japanese, かわむら)
Address: 7-3-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区銀座7-3-16)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Ginza (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3289-8222
Reservations: Yes (by reservation only)
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 6pm-10pm
Closed: Sunday & Holidays

Prices: Minimum 30,000 yen

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TOYO-CHAN (Tsukiji)

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豊ちゃん outside
Just a few restaurants of Nakaei's right is TOYO-CHAN, a classic Yoshoku (Japanese style western food) restaurant. Just like Nakaei, Toyo-chan is a favorite of people working at Tsukiji, but has also become popular for tourists as well.

豊ちゃん omu hayashi
Toyo-chan has several signature dishes and one of them is OMU HAYASHI RICE (Omelet with Hashed Beef Rice) for 1050 yen,

豊ちゃん katsu hayashi
or you can have it with tonkatsu instead of omelet, which is called KATSU HAYASHI RICE (Tonkatsu with Hashed Beef Rice) for 1050 yen. Both omelet and tonkatsu are good, but what makes Toyo-chan stand out from others is their Hayashi sauce.

豊ちゃん atama rice
Their other signature dish is ATAMA RICE for 1050 yen. Its base is Katsu Don (Tonkatsu over Rice). The tonkatsu is cooked in a sauce with egg and instead of putting it over rice like Katsu Don and served separately. One of their daily customers wanted to have some curry sauce over his rice, but still wanted to eat tonkatsu in sauce with egg, so he asked the owner to serve it separately,

豊ちゃん katsudon
Of course they have the normal KATSU DON as well for 1050 yen.

豊ちゃん rosukatsu
They also have regular tonkatsu as well, such as ROSU KATSU TEISHOKU (Pork Loin Tonkatsu with Rice and Miso Soup) for 1170 yen

豊ちゃん kaki furai
or during the winter, they have KAKI FURAI TEISHOKU (Deep Fried Oysters with Rice) for 1300 yen.

豊ちゃん omu aigake
Just like Nakaei, you can have both curry & hayashi sauce on your rice, like OMU NOTKE RYOGAKE (Omelet with half of Curry & Hashed Beef Rice) for 1050 yen.

豊ちゃん inside
Portions are about average, but you can always ask for larger portions of rice like other Yoshoku restaurants. If its your first time at Toyo-chan do try Omu Hayashi Rice or Katsu Hayashi Rice. You can add various items to your curry or hayashi rice.

豊ちゃん omu katsu hayashi
Lets say you want to have both tonkatsu & omelet with your hayashi rice just tell them and they will try to meet your request. The owner (lady in her 70's) is one of the few friendly restaurant owners in Tsukiji and I always enjoy talking to her as much as I enjoy the food.

TOYO-CHAN (in Japanese, 豊ちゃん)
Address: 5-2-1 Tshukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
located inside Tsukuji Market, building name is Tsukiji Oroshiuri Shijyo 1 Gohkan
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区築地5-2-1 築地卸売市場1号館)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Tsukiji (5 min walk)
or Toei Subway Tshukiji Shijyo (3 min walk)
Tel: 3541-9062
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.tsukijigourmet.or.jp/11_toyo/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 6am-2pm
Closed: Sunday, Holiday and also when Tsukiji market is closed.

Prices: Katsu Curry Rice (Tokatsu Curry Rice) 1050 yen
Katsu Hayashi Rice (Tonkatsu Hashed Beef Rice) 1050 yen
Omu Hayashi Rice (Omelet with Hashed Beef Rice) 1050 yen
Omu Notke Ryogake (Omelet with half of Curry & Hashed Beef Rice) 1050 yen
Katsu Don (Tokatsu over Rice) 1050 yen
Atama Rice (Tokatsu in sauce servered seperately from Rice) 1050 yen
Rosu Kastu Teishoku (Pork Loin Tonkatsu with Rice and Miso Soup) 1170 yen
Kaki Furai Rice (Deep Fried Oysters with Rice) 1300 yen
Hayashi Rice (Hashed Beef Rice) 750 yen
Other menus between 50-1290 yen

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NAKAEI (Tsukiji)

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中栄 outside
Since my last blog was about a breakfast/lunch restaurant in Tsukiji Fish Market, I've decided to introduce only Tsukiji area restaurants for the next couple of blogs.
NAKAEI is a favorite for buyers/sellers at Tsukiji Fish Market since the food comes out within seconds and it is good as well. There are some customers who have been eating here 2-3 times a week for over 30 years. These customers keep eating the same dish that they don't even bother to order or even say "the usual". Their order will come out as soon as they have a seat.

中栄 indo curry
Nakaei serves 2 types of curry rice and another stewed item. They serve INDO CURRY (India curry) which is a little more spicier among the two curries for 500 yen.

中栄 beef
The other curry is BEEF CURRY, which is milder than Indo Curry for 500 yen as well. Even though Indo Curry is spicier, it is not all that spicy compared to real Indian curry.

中栄 hayashi
The other main item is HAYASHI RICE (Hashed Beef over Rice), which is a tomato based stew and much sweeter than Beef Curry for 500 yen. All three items use various vegetables and meets as ingredients, but it is all melted into the sauce since it is cooked for a few days.

中栄 indo hayashi aigake
You can have a mix of 2 sauces on one plate called AIGAKE, which most customers do for 600 yen. My favorite is INDO & HAYASHI AIGAKE, which is probably the most popular one as well.

中栄 indo beff aigake
Then you have INDO & BEEF AIGAKE,

中栄 beef hayashi aigake
and last one will be BEEF & HAYASHI AIGAKE. All dishes come with shredded cabbage and if you want a large portion of rice, order OHMORI for an extra 100 yen or even extra large rice, which is called TOKUDAI for an extra 200 yen. If you want more cabbage, just order KYABETSU which is 50 yen.

中栄 miso soup 50
If you want some soup to go along with it they have MISO SHIRU (Miso soup) for 50 yen

中栄 yasai soup 300
and YASAI SOUP (Vegetable soup) for 300 yen.

中栄 kanban
If you don't have time or already tried other restaurants in Tsukiji, you might wanna try Nakaei. It may look like regular curry rice, but you'll find out that its not something you can cook at home.

NAKAEI(in Japanese, 中栄)
Address: 5-2-1 Tshukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
located inside Tsukuji Market, building name is Tsukiji Oroshiuri Shijyo 1 Gohkan
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区築地5-2-1 築地卸売市場1号館)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Tsukiji (5 min walk)
or Toei Subway Tshukiji Shijyo (3 min walk)
Tel: 3541-8749
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.nakaei.com/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 5am-2pm
Closed: Sunday, Holiday and also when Tsukiji market is closed.

Prices: Indo Curry (Hot Indian Curry Rice) 500 yen
Beef Curry (Mild Beef Curry Rice) 500 yen
Hayashi Rice (Hashed Beef Rice) 500 yen
Aigake (Choose 2 from Indo, Beef Curry & Hayashi Rice) 600 yen
Yasai Soup (Vegetable Soup) 300 yen
Tamago Soup (Egg Soup) 300 yen
Miso Siru (Miso Soup) 50 yen
Miso Siru Tamago Iri (Miso Soup with Egg) 100 yen
Namatamago (Raw Egg) 50 yen
Kyabetsu (Extra Cabbage) 50 yen
Ohmori (Large Rice) 100 yen
Tokudai (Extra Large Rice) 200 yen

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KITCHEN CARROT (Nishi Ogikubo)

Posted by Tokyo Joe on 14.2011 Curry, Yoshoku, Steak & Teppanyaki 7 comments 0 trackback
outside carrot 1
If someone asked me where my favorite inexpensive restaurant for eating beef is the answer is very very easy. Its KITCHEN CARROT at Nishi Ogikubo. Cost performance wise no restaurant beats Carrot (most people call Kitchen Carrot just Carrot). Carrot's owner/chef family originally owned a small meat shop, but since he decided to become a chef instead, he closed the meat shop and opened Carrot. Not only the portions are huge and cheap, but all the beef used are Japanese, not from Australia or US unlike all other inexpensive restaurants. The reason why Carrot can provide dishes at a reasonable price is that owner/chef still has relatives working at beef market and also he purchases one whole cow, not by parts. Most of the menu are a combination grill like Steak & Hamburger Steak and there are over 30 of them.

carrot steakmorichicken
But the most famous dish is SUTEMORI CHICKEN (Steak, Sauteed Chicken & Cheese Hamburg Steak). It weighs a total of 800g, Steak & Hamburg Steak 300g each and Sauteed Chicken 200g for only 1,580 yen. Not everyone orders this because of its portion, but since I only have one meal a day this is what I order all the time.

steak  jumboebi
If you want to do kind of a surf & turf, there is JUMBO EBI FRY TOH STEAK (Deep Fried Jumbo Prawn & Steak) for 1,980 yen.

double steak
Or if you just want to have steak, there is DOUBLE STEAK, a combination of two different parts of beef for 1,280 yen.

Other popular dishes are OROSHI HANBAHGU TOH EBI FRY CREAM KOROKE (Hamburger Steak with Oroshi, Deep Fried Prawn, & Cream Croquette) for 950 yen.

carrot burger kakifurai
During the winter and spring they serve deep fried oyster. You can order it as an appetizer, but most order it as a combination grill like HANBAHGU TOH KAKIFURAI (Hamburg Steak & Deep Fried Oysters) for 980 yen or with regular steak instead of hamburger steak for 1,280 yen. I've never had better deep fried oysters than Carrot's including the expensive restaurants.

beef stew carrot
Dishes like WAGYU BEEF STEW for 1,280 are available as well. And if you just want to eat top wagyu sirloin or filet mignon steaks as well, its available for less than 3,500 yen. Prices vary depending on the size of the steak.

carrot rice  miso
All dishes come with rice, miso soup and

coffee  orange juice
coffee (hot or cold) or orange juice.

inside carrot
There is nothing around Carrot since its a middle class residential area, but whenever I have time I go to eat here even if it takes a little less than one hour from where I live. Its one of those restaurants where you eat and just leave, so if you are looking for a nice atmosphere this isn't the place for you.

outside carrot 2
Plus the wait can be more than 30 min on a bad day, but if you want to eat inexpensive steak/meat, this is the go to place not only in Tokyo, but in all of Japan. Its only 15 min away from Shinjuku by train, so if you are in Shinjuku or near by and finished shopping, craving for beef, get on the train and go to Carrot.

KITCHEN CARROT (in Japanese, キッチン・キャロット)
Address: 3-13-7 Nishi-Ogi-Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都杉並区西荻北3-13-7)
Nearest train station: JR Nishi-Ogikubo (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-3394-4443
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-2:20pm, 5pm-9:50pm
Closed: Thursday
Prices: Sute Mori Chicken (Steak, Cheese Hamburg Steak & Sauteed Chicken) 1,580 yen
Jumbo Ebi Fry Toh Steak (Deep Fried Jumbo Prawn & Steak) 1,980 yen
Hanbahgu Toh Kaki Fry (Hamburg Steak & Deep Fried Oysters) 950 yen
Other Dishes from 780-3,500 yen

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