TOSHIAN (Shirogane)

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利庵 outside
When there weren't much restaurants in Shirogane, TOSHIAN was one of few restaurants there and also one of the best soba restaurants in Tokyo.

利庵 menu
In the early 90's, one of my bosses brought me here. He was a soba freak and I really wasn't since I'm more of a udon lover, but Toshian opened my eyes to fine soba.

利庵 せいろう
Just like any fine soba restaurant, to know how good they are you wanna try out SEIRO (Cold Soba) for 800 yen. The dipping sauce isn't salty as other soba restaurants and buckwheat aroma which comes out from the soba is classical.

利庵 天せいろう
If you want some tempura with it then choose TENSEIRO (Cold Soba with Kakiage) for 1,900 yen. Its a classical kakiage (round tempura) which isn't oily at all.

利庵 かきあられ
If you want a fluffier thinker tempura there is KAKIARARE (Think round tempura with scallops over soba) for 1,250 yen. Instead of dipping the tempura and soba into the sauce, you pour the sauce over it.

利庵 鴨南蛮そば
For soba in hot soup, try KAMONANBAN (Grilled duck breast in soup soba) for 1,900 yen.

利庵 出汁巻き玉子
They also have authentic starter dishes like DASHIMAKI TAMAGO (Egg omulet),

利庵 あいやき
AIYAKI (Grilled duck breast and green onions) and many other dishes.

利庵 inside
Many soba lovers say that the quality of Toshina has gone done, but in my opinion it has stayed the same and its just that there are many good soba restaurants compared to the past. Its authentic soba, building and decor reminds you of 50- 60's of Japan. There could be a decent wait on weekends, but if you are ever in Shirogane area and looking for authentic soba its worth the wait.

TOSHIAN (in Japanese, 利庵)
Address: 5-17-2 Shiroganedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区白金台5-17-2)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Shiroganedai (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3444-1741
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-7:30pm
Closed: Monday & Tuesday (but will open if its a holiday)

Prices: Soba from 800-1,900 yen
Other dishes from 500-2,000 yen

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更科堀井 outside
I've already wrote about Big 3 Names or Families of Tokyo soba restaurants (in Japanese, Edo Soba Gosanke). Once again the big 3 are SARASHINA, SUNABA, and YABU. I've introduced one of the shops of Yabu (Kanda Yabusoba) already. And now I would like to introduce my favorite type of soba, Sarashina and there are many shops which use the name, but one of the most famous shop is SARASHINA HORII at Azabu-Juban.

更科堀井 つゆ、薬味
Sarashina Horii actually opened in 1789, but closed once from World War II and it took them nearly 40 years to reopen in 1984.

更科堀井 さらしなそば
The biggest difference compared to Yabu or Sunaba is that they invented SARASHINA SOBA, a white soba for 870 yen.  Soba is made out of buckwheat and a grinder is used to make soba flower. Most of the buckwheat is colored in gray, but the very center is white. And this white part is used to create Sarashina soba. The aroma of buckwheat is much less than normal soba, but the taste is so simple and clear. If you were going to only have one item here, Sarashina is it.

更科堀井 小エビ天さらしな
You can also have Sarashina soba with Tempura like the above which is KOEBITEN SARASHINA (Cold sarashina soba with small shrimp tempura).

更科堀井 もり
They also have normal soba, MORI for 770 yen and

更科堀井 太打ち鴨せいろ
thick soba called FUTOUCHI SOBA for 870 yen. (The above picture is KAMOSEIRO FUTOUCHI SOBA, which is cold thick soba with warm soba soup & slices of grilled duck breast)

更科堀井 天ぷらそば
Their hot soup soba's are good too like TEMPURA SOBA (Prawn tempura soba) for 1,690 yen,

更科堀井 かき揚かけ(小海老と三つ葉のかき揚げ)
KAKIAGE SOBA, (Small shrimp & mitsuba tempura soba) for 1,690 yen,

更科堀井 鴨南蛮
and my favorite KAMO NANBAN (Grilled duck breast soba) for 1,750 yen,

更科堀井 たたみイワシ
Before ordering soba, you want to start out with ordering a bottle of sake and some appetizers like TATAMI IWASHI (Dried bar of small sardine) for 550 yen,

更科堀井 ざる豆腐
ZARU TOFU for 630 yen,

更科堀井 豚の返し煮
BUTA-KAESHIN (Soft pork seasoned with sweet soy sauce) for 700 yen,

更科堀井 更科堀井 鳥焼
TORIYAKI (Chicken teriyaki) for 680 yen,

更科堀井 板わさ
ITAWASA (Minced Fish Sausage) for 550 yen,

更科堀井 鴨焼き
KAMOYAKI (Silces of duck breast grilled on a iron plate) for 680 yen,

更科堀井 玉子焼き
TAMAGOYAKI (Sweet egg omelet) for 680 yen,

更科堀井 温野菜盛り
and ONYASAI MORI (Steamed vegetables) for 650 yen,

更科堀井 inside
There are actually three soba restaurants in Azabu-Juban with the name Sarashina and all three of them are equally famous. All the owners are different, but 200 years ago it was one shop. They all provide Sarashina Soba, but they are a little different from each other. But if you are having plain cold Sarashina soba, Sarashina Horii is the place to go. And if you get lost trying to find Sarashina Horii and want to ask someone where it is, make sure you tell them Sarashina Horii, the full name not Sarashina since the person might tell you how to get to the other Sarashina named soba restaurants.

更科堀井 inside 2

SARASHINA HORII (in Japanese, 総本家更科堀井 本店)
Address: 3-11-4 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区元麻布3-11-4)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway Azabu-Juban (5 min walk)
Tel: 03-3403-3401
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.sarashina-horii.com/en/
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-8:30pm
Closed: None

Prices: Sarashina Soba (Cold white soba) 870 yen
Mori (Cold regular soba) 770 yen
Futouchi Soba (Cold thick soba) 880 yen
Kamo Seiro (Cold soba with warm soba soup & slices of grilled duck breast) 1,750 yen
Tempura Soba (Prawn tempura soba) 1,690 yen
Kakiage Soba, (Small shrimp & mitsuba tempura soba) 1,690 yen
Kamo Nanban (Grilled duck breast soba) 1,750 yen
Itawasa (Minced fish cake sausage) 550 yen
Toriyaki (Chicken teriyaki) 680 yen
Tamagoyaki (Sweet egg omelet) 680 yen
Kamoyaki (Silces of duck breast grilled on a iron plate) 680 yen
Buta kaeshin (Soft pork seasoned with sweet soy sauce) 700 yen
Zaru Tofu ( Tofu on a bamboo basket) 630 yen
Kakiage Tempura (Small shrimps and mitsuba tempura) 920 yen
Tatami Iwashi (Dried bar of small sardine) 550 yen
Other dishes from 400-2,500 yen

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SUMITA (Akabane)

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sumita outside
There weren't many Sanuki Udon restaurants in Tokyo, but ever since a movie about Sanuki Udon played a couple of years ago, a few have opened over the last 5 years. But probably the most famous one and considered the best to many is SUMITA at Akabane. Sumita has been open for over 10 years and just until a couple of years ago it was the only Sanuki udon restaurant which served real Sanuki udon.

sumita udon shinning
So whats Sanuki udon different from other udons? Well, broth is made out of dried sardines and kelp, but a great Sanuki udon actually shines like the above picture.

sumita かしわおろしぶっかけ
It tastes great either cold or hot, but if you want to enjoy flavor of flour, try it cold like KASHIWA OROSHI BUKAKE (Cold Udon with Chicken Tempura & Japanese Radish) for 750 yen or

Sumita かしわざる
KASHIWA ZARU (Cold Udon and separate dipping sauce with Chicken Tempura) for 800 yen. Kashiwaten (Chicken tempura) is available only at Sanuki udon restaurants and if you never had it before its a must.

sumita かしわうどん
If you wanna eat it hot then there is KASHIWA UDON (Hot Udon in soup with Chicken Tempura) for 750 yen,

sumita 釜あげ
KAMAAGE (Udon in Hot water with dipping sauce) for 700 yen, which you can simply enjoy just the udon,

sumita 釜玉
KAMATAMA (Hot Udon with raw egg & soy-sauce) for 700 yen, which is like Carbonara

sumita かしわカレー
or CURRY UDON (Hot Udon with Curry) for 850 yen.

sumita 讃岐のおでん盛り合わせ
There are various side dishes & starters as well like ODEN MORIAWASE (Assorted Oden) for 500 yen,

sumita 天ぷら盛り合わせ(650円)
YASAI TEMPURA (Assorted Vegetable Tempura) for 550 yen,

sumita 半熟玉子天
or HANJUKU TAMAGO (Soft Boiled Egg Tempura) for 250 yen.

sumita inside 1
If you're going to Sumita during lunch time (between 12am-1pm) expect a decent wait until you get a table. Also there is nothing really to do or to see where Sumita is. So unless you enjoy udon it might not be worth the trip, but if you do enjoy Sanuki udon and want to have one of the best in Tokyo, its worth the trip. Its about 90 minutes away by car from where I live, but I go at least once a month.

sumita menu

SUMITA (in Japanese, すみた)
Address: 2-52-8 Shimo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都北区志茂2-52-8)
Nearest train station: JR Akabane or Tokyo Metro Akabane-Iwabuchi (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-3903-0099
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: Weekdays 11am-1:45pm, 6pm-9pm Sat, Sun, Hol 11am-3pm only
Closed: Monday, 1st & 3rd Sunday

Prices: Kashiwa Oroshi Bukake (Cold Udon with Chicken Tempura & Japanese Radish) 750 yen
Kashiwa Udon (Hot Udon in soup with Chicken Tempura) 750 yen
Kashiwa Zaru (Cold Udon and separate dipping sauce with Chicken Tempura) 800 yen
Kamatama (Hot Udon with raw egg) 700 yen
Kamaage (Udon in Hot water) 700 yen
Curry Udon (Hot Udon with Curry) 850 yen
Oden Moriawase (Assorted Oden) 500 yen
Hanjuku Tamago (Soft Boiled Egg Tempura) 250 yen
Yasai Tempura (Assorted Vegetable Tempura) 550 yen
Other items from 100-1,200 yen

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ONIYANMA (Gotanda)

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oniyanma outside
Sanuki Udon has become popular in Tokyo over that last 5 years. Sanuki is actually a name of a area, Kagawa prefecture to be exact. The most popular food of Kagawa is udon and people eat it almost everyday. The broth is made from Iriko (small dried sardine) instead of dried bonito like other udon broths. Most of the Sanuki Udon shops in Tokyo are restaurants, but there aren't many stand up Sanuki Udon shops like Kagawa. ONIYANMA at Gotanda is one of the few stand up Sanuki Udon shops and in my opinion the best.

oniyanma ticket machine
Oniyanma's owner actually owns another Sanuki Udon shop, but it is a normal restaurant not a stand up shop. After his 1st Sanuki Udon restaurant was a success, he decided to open a stand up shop just like the one's in Kagawa.

oniyanma hiyasitoritenぶっかけ
Their signature item is HIYASHI TORITEN BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with Chicken Tenpura) for 380 yen. Toriten (Chicken Tenpura) is not a common topping at udon shops in Tokyo, and Oniyama is probably the only stand up shop which serves it. You can taste the udon better when its cold instead of hot and especially Oniyama's. But you can have it hot as well, which is ONN TORITEN (Hot Udon with Chicken Tenpura) for 380 yen.

You can add a HANJYU TAMAGO TENPURA (Medium Boiled Egg Tempura) for 120 yen.

They also have normal tempura (prawn and vegetables), which is HIYASHI TENPURA BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with assorted Tenpura) for 430 yen,

tenpura hot
and in hot too, which is ONN TENPURA BUKKAKE (Hot Udon with assorted Tenpura) for 430 yen

or if you want more prawns there is HIYASHI TOKUJYO TENPURA BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with 2 prawns, chicken, and vegetable Tempura) for 530 yen, and of course you can have this hot as well which is ONN TOKYJYO TEN (Hot Udon) with with 2 prawns, chicken, and vegetable Tempura) for 530 yen.

oniyanma onniku
If you prefer beef, they have HIYASHI NIKU BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with warm shredded beef) for 480 yen,

which I usually order and get a side order of TORITEN (Chicken Tenpura) for 100 yen. And just like other udon's this is available in hot as well.

They also have HIYASHI ONNTAMA BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with soft boiled egg) for 330 yen.

And if you want all of the above, there is HIYASHI DELUXE BUKKAKE (Cold Udon with everything) for 580 yen or ONN DELUXE BUKKAKE (Hot Udon with everything).

You can have an extra large udon for an additional 100 yen and also ONIGIRI (Rice ball) or INARI (Rice in fried tofu) for 60 yen each.

Oniyama just opened in summer of 2010 and it has become so popular that there is a wait even though its a stand up udon shop. I have taken my friend's from Kagawa, who are real picky about udon and all of them agree that its the best stand up Sanuki Udon in Tokyo. If its your first visit to Oniyanma, I would recommend to order HIYASHI TORITEN BUKKAKE even during the winter since the udon taste better and other shop's don't have Toriten (Chicken Tenpura).

oniyanma tennai

ONIYANMA (in Japanese, おにやんま)
Address: 1-6-3 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都品川区西五反田1-6-3)
Nearest train station: JR & Tokyu Gotanda (2 min walk)
Tel: None
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: Monday-Friday 7am-1am
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 11am-11pm
Closed: None

Prices: Hiyashi Toriten Bukkake (Cold Udon with Chicken Tenpura) 380 yen
Hiyashi Tenpura Bukkake (Cold Udon with assorted Tenpura) 430 yen
Hiyashi Tokujyo Tenpura Bukkake (Cold Udon with 2 prawns, chicken, and vegetable Tempura) 530 yen
Hiyashi Niku Bukkake (Cold Udon with warm shredded beef) 480 yen
Hiyashi Onntama Bukkake (Cold Udon with soft boiled egg) for 330 yen
Hiyashi Deluxe Bukkake (Cold Udon with everything) 580 yen
Onigiri (Rice ball) 60 yen
Inari (Rice in fried tofu) 60 yen

Toppings: Onntama (Soft boiled egg) 60 yen
Toriten (Chicken Tenpura) 100 yen
Extra Large Udon 100 yen

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MINATOYA (Toranomon/Kamiyacho)

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minatoya outside
MINATOYA near Toranomon/Kamiyacho serves soba that no other soba shop does. Its a stand-up soba shop without any seats, but the quality of soba is unlike other stand-up soba shops and even the outside of the shop looks more like an art gallery.

minatoya inside 2
And inside of Minatoya doesn't look like a soba shop as well.

minatoya food 2
Their main dish, which 90% of the customers order is TSUMETAI NIKU SOBA (Cold Buckwheat Noodle with Beef) for 850 yen. Both the soba tsuyu (dipping sauce) and soba are both cold.

minatoya tsuyu
Soba tsuyu has some Rahyu (Chili Oil) in it, which is usually used only for Chinese food.

minatoya men
On top of the cold soba is sweetly flavored shredded beef, sesame, green onions, and dried seaweed.

minatoya men 1
Just dip everything into the soba tsuyu . Not only the taste will be different, but there will be a crunchiness which you never experienced with other soba's.

minatoya food 1
It also comes with a raw egg and Tenkasu (Deep-Fried Tempura Batter) for the soba tsuyu, if you like.

minatoya egg
After finishing about half of the soba, add the raw egg and tenkasu into the soba tsuyu and mix it. Since the portions are huge, by adding egg and tenkasu it changes the taste of soba tsuyu, so you can enjoy it until the last single soba.

minatoya tori 2
If you don't like beef there is ATATAKAI TORI SOBA (Hot Buckwheat Noodle with Chicken) for 850 yen.

minatoya tori
The soba tsuyu is hot with chicken,

minatoya tori 1
but the soba is cold.

minatoya outside 1
There will be a line of people waiting, but the wait isn't that long since the soba comes out within a minute after you order and everyone leaves as soon as they finish eating. If you are looking for a quick lunch, filling and something different, I strongly recommend Minatoya. ALso, they will close when soba is sold out and on busy days thats usually before 6:30pm, so make sure you go before 6:30pm.

minatoya inside

MINATOYA (in Japanese, そば処港屋)
Address: 3-1-10, Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区西新橋3-1-10)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Kamiyacho or Toranomon (6 min walk)
Tel: 03-5777-6921
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-8pm (will closer early when soba is sold out.
on a early day that would be around 6:30pm)
Closed: Saturday, Sunday & Holiday

Prices: Tsumetai Niku Soba (Cold Buckwheat Noodle with Beef) 850 yen
Atatakai Tori Soba (Hot Buckwheat Noodle with Chicken) 850 yen
Nori Goma Mori (Cold Buckwheat Noodle with Dried Seaweed & Sesame) 800 yen
Goma Mori (Cold Buckwheat Noodle with Sesame) 700 yen
Nori Mori (Cold Buckwheat Noodle with Dried Seaweed) 700 yen
Mori (Plain Cold Buckwheat Noodle) 600 yen

Ohmori (Large Soba) 100 yen extra

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NANAKURA (Shinbashi)

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inaniwa outside1
Not too many foreigners know that there are various types of UDONS. Just like pasta there is fresh and dry. INANIWA UDON is a dry udon, thin and flat and is only made in Akita prefecture. Since its a dry udon, most people think that its less expensive than fresh udon, but not Inaniwa. Depending on the brand, it could cost double to triple of the most expensive fresh udon.

inaniwa men
There aren't too many Inaniwa Udon restaurants in Tokyo, but NANAKURA at Shinbashi is one of the few, and when I use to work at Shinbashi, it was one of my favorite restaurants for lunch.

inaniwa men1
Nanakura is only open for lunch and their menu is very simple. Just cold Inaniwa udon or cold Inaniwa udon with mini seafood bowl. The cold Inaniwa udon comes with a miso based dipping sauce. The broth is made out of duck, dried bonito and etc. I never had such a dipping sauce like Nanakura's. 99% of the customers order cold Inaniwa udon with mini seafood bowl, not just cold Inaniwa udon. And when you're done with the udon, have miso dipping sauce left, just add some hot water which is in a thermos bottle on your table, and you will have a nice miso soup to finish your meal.

inaniwa tsukemono
It also comes with the best pickled Chinese cabbage, I ever had and free of refills. It is made by a pickle company just for his shop and many customers including myself have asked the owner/chef if we can purchase it, but he told us that he even said NO to one of the ex-Prime Minister's in the past.

nanakura negitoro
If you order MINI DONBURI SET (Inaniwa Udon with Mini Seafood Bowl), you get to choose the seafood bowl of your choice. They are NEGI TORO DON (Chopped White Scallions & Fatty Tuna over Rice),

inaniwa donburi
KAISEN CHIRASHI DON (Assorted Seafood over Rice),

inaniwa donburi1
ZUKE DON (Tuna marinated in Soy Sauce over Rice),

inaniwa donburi2
MAGURO IKURA DON (Tuna & marinated Salmon Roe over Rice), but do note that not all of them will be available. Most of the time only 2 out for 4 will be available.

inaniwa menu
If you want to eat some noodles, lite not fatty with a little seafood, Nanakura is a great reasonable lunch restaurant. Its even walking distance from Ginza.

NANAKURA (in Japanese, 七蔵 )
Address: Shinbashi Ekimae Building Ichigokan 2F
2-20-15 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区新橋2-20-15 新橋駅前ビル1号館 2F)
Nearest train station: JR & Tokyo Metro Shinbashi (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3571-5012
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.nanakura.co.jp/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:20am-2:10pm
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

Prices: Mini Donburi Set Dai (Large Size Inaniwa Udon with Mini Seafood Bowl) 1,400 yen
Mini Donburi Set Chu (Medium Size Inaniwa Udon with Mini Seafood Bowl) 1,200 yen
Mini Donburi Set Sho (Small Size Inaniwa Udon with Mini Seafood Bowl) 1,000 yen
Inaniwa Udon Dai (Large Size Inaniwa Udon) 1,100 yen
Inaniwa Udon Chu (Medium Size Inaniwa Udon) 900 yen
Inaniwa Udon Sho (Small Size Inaniwa Udon) 700 yen
ishoku (Pork Cutlet on Stick with Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles) 1,550 yen

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KANDA YABUSOBA (Kanda or Akihabara)

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When you discuss about Soba restaurants in Tokyo, the first thing you need to talk about is Big 3 Names or Families of soba restaurants (in Japanese, Edo Soba Gosanke). The big 3 are SARASHINA, SUNABA, and YABU. KANDA YABUSOBA is the first soba restaurant with the name Yabu and opened in 1880. The founder of Kanda Yabusoba's 3rd son opened NAMIKI YABUSOBA in 1913 at Asakusa and Namiki Yabusoba's 2nd son opened IKENOHATA YABUSOBA in 1954 at Ueno. These 3 Yabusoba's are now known to many as BIG 3 YABUSOBA (in Japanese, Yabusoba Gosanke).

kandayasu tsuyu
Whats Yabusoba different from the other big 3's? The main difference is the SOBA TSUYU (cold soba sauce) which is saltier than others. Kanda Yabusoba is the saltiest even among all Yasusoba's.

かんだやぶそば inside2
Even if you don't enjoy eating soba, Kanda Yabusoba's building itself is a flashback of old Tokyo. It was built in 1924 and it is now an official historic landmark. Therefore, when you do go to Kanda Yabusoba, you should order various appetizers before having soba so you can enjoy the atmosphere of this rare soba restaurant.

Soba lovers will start out ordering a bottle of sake and maybe KAMABOKO or ITAWASA (Minced Fish Sausage).

かんだやぶそば 鴨ロース
Also, you may want to try one of Kanda Yabusoba's signiture appetizer KAMO ROHSU (Grilled Duck Breast)

かんだやぶそば そばすし

or even TENTANE (Round Large Tempura).

Then move on to SEIRO SOBA (Cold Soba)

or if you prefer hot soba with soup, you might want to order their famous KAMONAN SOBA (Grilled Duck Soba)

kandayabu tamagotoji
or TAMOGOTOJI SOBA (Scrambled Egg Soba).
Many people usually have both cold & hot soba so they can enjoy Kanda Yabusoba's salty soba sauce and soup.

かんだやぶそば inside3
There are many other soba restaurants with the word Yabu included in their name and if you see one it means that owner/chef has worked at one of the big 3 Yabusoba's and was given permission to use it. All of these Yabu's are good soba restaurants, but Kanda Yabusoba still is on top of all of them. Just dine here once and you will probably agree like many soba freaks do.


KANDA YABUSOBA (in Japanese, かんだやぶそば)
Address: 2-10 Kanda Awaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都千代田区神田淡路町2-10)
Nearest train station: JR Kanda & Akihabara (5 min walk)
Tokyo Metro Kanda & Awaji-cho (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3251-0287
Reservations: Yes
Website: hhttp://www.norenkai.net/english/shop/yabusoba/index.html
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-7:30pm
Closed: None

Prices: Seiro Soba (Cold Soba) 700 yen
Tamago Toji Soba (Scramble Egg Soba) 1,100 yen
Kamo Nanban Soba (Roast Duck & Scallion Soba) 1,800 yen
Tempura Soba 1,800 yen
Kamaboko (Minced Fish Sausage) 700 yen
Kamo Roast (Roast Duck Breast) 700 yen
Soba Sushi 800 yen
Tentane (Round Thick Tempura) 1,400 yen

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