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It's been several years since I uploaded any new articles. I've gotten many requests over the years to continue or want my e-mail address to get in touch, but unfortunately do to my real job I just can't continue or can't interact with people personally. But I have an alternative for you to find out which restos I recommend.

I do daily post reviews in Japanese of restos, cafe, bars, bakeries, sweets on TABELOG, which is like YELP in the states. It's the most popular resto rating website in Japan. My name is Tokyo Rocks there not Tokyo Joe. I have over 600 restos that I posted reviews.

Below is the link of my page. Unfortunately, it's all in Japanese so to have it translate it in your language use Chrome browser and install Google Translate at Extensions. In English, it will only come out about 60% right because the grammar differences between English and Japanese, but it's better than nothing.


Anything I rate over 3.5 it means the food is good. Highest rating is 5, but my highest rating so far has been 4.5. If my rating is between 3.0-3.4 it means the food is average. Anything below that are places where anyone would say that the food isn't good.

Some of you might have heard that there are many restos in Japan where you can only get a table by introduction only from a regular. These restos don't want to be listed on Michelin guide or even won't allow regular customers to take pictures. It doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have at these restos. I have listed ratings of these restos as well since I have been fortunate to visit them through my personal and business network.

To get a table, you have to find someone who is a regular there and ask him or her to take you. Your hotel concierge cannot help you and also I can't too since these places are usually over $300 or 30,000 yen per person just for the food and I can only visit such places for special occasions or business dinners since I'm not a millionaire.

Thanks for visiting this site, and don't trust the Michelin guide too much since the people they hire to rate the restos are full of it. All real foodies in Japan laugh at their ratings.

USHIGORO (Nishi Azabu)

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Sorry that I haven't been able to post anything for almost a year, but my new gig has kept me away from everything including my better half. Will try to post at least twice a month from now.

UR outside
Japanese people just love Korean BBQ, but that is Yakiniku (Japanese style Korean BBQ) and I think any foreigner would admit that they love it as well. There are just so many Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo, but if you are looking for a place where you can use for a date or business dinner and still have top beef, USHIGORO at Nishi Azabu is one of the new trendy Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo.

UR tennai
You can order a la carte at Ushigoro, but my recommendation is to order their most expensive course called KIWAMI COURSE for 10,000 yen per person. Kiwami means "The Best" and the beef is exceptional for this price.

UR sirloin
It starts out with a thinly sliced Sirloin.

UR Sirloin yaki
It's just cooked for a few seconds and then they roll it, deep it in an egg sauce and you eat at one bite.

UR Tongue
Next is Tongue which is also thinly sliced. It's rare to see such thinly sliced tongue.

UR Tongue cook
This is also just cooked for a minute or two.

UR Bui 1
Various parts of beef are provided. It usually depends on the day, but HARAMI (Skirt), TOMOSANKAKU (Top lound), KALBI (Short plate) mostly served.

UR Namuru
Of course, KIMCHI (Spicy pickles) and NAMURU (Light boiled seasoned vegetables) come with the course.

UR mino
Stomach parts like MINO (Tripe) is in the course and not chewy at all.

UR Chateau Burian
But the best part is CHATEAUBRIAND (center part of tenderloin). It is unbelievably tender and juicy. By far, my favorite part of beef at Ushigoro.

UR Rice
At the end, you get to choose from BEEF CURRY and a couple other soup rice dishes before desert.

UR desert
And of course, just like any Yakiniku restaurant they offer simple deserts like ICE CREAM, and ANNINTOFU (Almond jelly).

UR Wine
For a yakiniku restaurant, Ushigoro has an amazing wine list. I've never seen such a wine list at at yakiniku restaurant. Plus the prices are very reasonable. Make sure you make a reservation a couple of days in advance. It is not down to earth Yakiniku, very modern, but if you are looking for a non-smoky Yakiniku restaurant with top beef and service, Ushiroku is for you.

UR Sushi

USHIGORO (in Japanese, うしごろ)
Address: 2-24-14 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区西麻布2-24-14)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Roppongi or Hiroo (10 min walk)
Tel: 03-3406-4129
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.ushigoro.com/jp/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: Yes
Open: 5pm-12am (Last order is 11pm)
Closed: None, but New Years

Prices: Kiwami Course 10,000 yen
Other courses from 5,000 and 8,500 yen

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TOSHIAN (Shirogane)

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利庵 outside
When there weren't much restaurants in Shirogane, TOSHIAN was one of few restaurants there and also one of the best soba restaurants in Tokyo.

利庵 menu
In the early 90's, one of my bosses brought me here. He was a soba freak and I really wasn't since I'm more of a udon lover, but Toshian opened my eyes to fine soba.

利庵 せいろう
Just like any fine soba restaurant, to know how good they are you wanna try out SEIRO (Cold Soba) for 800 yen. The dipping sauce isn't salty as other soba restaurants and buckwheat aroma which comes out from the soba is classical.

利庵 天せいろう
If you want some tempura with it then choose TENSEIRO (Cold Soba with Kakiage) for 1,900 yen. Its a classical kakiage (round tempura) which isn't oily at all.

利庵 かきあられ
If you want a fluffier thinker tempura there is KAKIARARE (Think round tempura with scallops over soba) for 1,250 yen. Instead of dipping the tempura and soba into the sauce, you pour the sauce over it.

利庵 鴨南蛮そば
For soba in hot soup, try KAMONANBAN (Grilled duck breast in soup soba) for 1,900 yen.

利庵 出汁巻き玉子
They also have authentic starter dishes like DASHIMAKI TAMAGO (Egg omulet),

利庵 あいやき
AIYAKI (Grilled duck breast and green onions) and many other dishes.

利庵 inside
Many soba lovers say that the quality of Toshina has gone done, but in my opinion it has stayed the same and its just that there are many good soba restaurants compared to the past. Its authentic soba, building and decor reminds you of 50- 60's of Japan. There could be a decent wait on weekends, but if you are ever in Shirogane area and looking for authentic soba its worth the wait.

TOSHIAN (in Japanese, 利庵)
Address: 5-17-2 Shiroganedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都港区白金台5-17-2)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Shiroganedai (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3444-1741
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 11:30am-7:30pm
Closed: Monday & Tuesday (but will open if its a holiday)

Prices: Soba from 800-1,900 yen
Other dishes from 500-2,000 yen

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SHIMURA (Mejiro)

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outside k
When I was growing up as a child, we always had Kakigoori (Shaved Ice) during the summer. Visiting a Japanese sweet cafe was a treat, but now a days its hard to find a good Japanese sweet cafe which has great Kakigoori. But SHIMURA at Mejiro is probably one of the best in all of Tokyo.

nama ichigo
What makes Shimura's kakigoori special is not only that the ice is extra fine, but any syrup which used fruit is made out of real fruit. Most popular and my favorite as well is KOHRI NAMA ICHIGO (Shaved ice with fresh strawberry sauce) for 800 yen. The strawberries may look somewhat like a jam in this picture but they are actually firmer, somewhere between fresh strawberries and strawberry jam.

ぶどう k
They also have other kakigoori with fruit like KOHRI BUDOH (Shaved ice with fresh grape sauce) for 800 yen,

anzu k
KOHRI ANZU (Shaved ice with fresh apricot sauce) for 800 yen,

つぶつぶ夏みかん(800円)+ミルク(100円) k
KOHRI TSUBUTSUBU NATSU MIKAN MILK (Shaved ice with fresh summer tangerine & sweetened condensed milk) for 900 yen

キャラメル(650円) k
They have original flavors like KOHRI CARAMEL (Shaved ice with caramel sauce) for 650 yen,

uji matcha k
and also traditional flavors like KOHRI UJIKINTOKI (Shaved ice with green tea & sweat red bean) for 850 yen.

toppings k
You can also add toppings like vanilla ice cream, Shiratama (chewy small rice powder balls), sweetened condensed milk for 100 yen each.

冷やししるこ k
They also have other summer sweets like HIYASHI SHIRUKO (Cold sweet red bean soup) for 650 yen,

特製九十九アイス(600円) k
TSUKUMO ICE (Vanilla ice cream with Kinako jelly) for 600 yen,

冷抹茶(500円) k
and REIMATCHA (Cold green tea) for 500 yen.

Of course, they have sweets served all year around like ANMITSU for 700 yen,

特製抹茶あんみつ(800円) k
and MATCHA ANMITSU (Green tea anmitsu) for 800 yen.

inside 2nd floor k
If you want to have kakigohri with fruit syrup this is the place to go. There is no other Japanese sweet shop which serves such great fresh fruit syrup and I always wonder why other shops didn't copy their idea. Mejiro is a residential area between Shinjuku and Ikebukuro on JR Yamanote line, but I guarantee you its worth the stop to just visit Shimura on a hot summer afternoon.

menu k

SHIMURA (in Japanese, 志むら)
Address: 3-13-3 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都豊島区目白3-13-3)
Nearest train station: JR Mejiro (1 min walk)
Tel: 03-3953-3388
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: 9am-7pm
Closed: Sunday

Prices: Kohri Name Ichigo (Shaved ice with fresh strawberry sauce) 800 yen
Kohri Budoh (Shaved ice with fresh grape sauce) 800 yen
Kohri Anzu (Shaved ice with fresh apricot sauce) 800 yen
Kohri Ujikintoki (Shaved ice with green tea & sweat red bean) 850 yen
Kohri Caramel (Shaved ice with caramel sauce) 650 yen
Toppings (Vanilla ice cream, Shiratama, Sweetened condensed milk) each for 100 yen
Tsukumo Ice (Vanilla ice cream with Kinako jelly) 600 yen
Reimatcha (Cold green tea) 500 yen
Anmitsu 700 yen
Matcha Anmitsu (Green tea anmitsu) 800 yen
Hiyashi Shiruko (Cold sweet red bean soup) 650 yen
Other dishes 105-1,200 yen

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UCHIDA (Keisei Tateishi)

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This resto may not be for all of you, but its probably the most famous motsuyaki (roast pork giblets) restaurant and also located at a deep lower middle class area of Tokyo. UCHIDA at Keisei Tateishi is the place where motsuyaki lovers visit from all over from Japan.

If you never been to Uchida, you better start googling on what's available or how to order since there menu on the wall doesn't say what kind of motsuyaki they have. It will only say Motsuyaki 180 yen on the menu.

For drinks, they only have sake, shochu, whisky (all served straight without ice only) and bottled beer, but what almost everyone orders is UME (Shochu wiht plum syrup). It's pretty strong to say the least. Whatever you order, you are only allowed to order 5 glasses since they don't want customers to be completely drunk.

You can have your motsuyaki cooked lightly called WAKAYAKI, well done called YOKUYAKI and some items are served raw called NAMA. If you don't tell them anything, it will be served medium. You can also choose what sauce you want. Lightly salted is called SHIO, normal sweet motsuyaki sauce is called TARE like other motsuyaki restos, soy sauce is called SUYAKI, and they have MISO as well which most people don't order. The above picture is Kashira Yokuyaki Suyaki (Well done cheek meat with soy sauce). KASHIRA is probably the most popular part of all motsu since its actually meat not giblet.

Other motsuyaki's are SHIRO (small intestine), which many customers have it cooked either wakayaki or nama. The picture is Shiro Wakayaki Tare.

NANKOTSU (soft bone) , this is Nankotsu Yokuyaki Shio,

ABURA (fat), picture is Abura Tare,

REBA (liver), picture is Reba Wakayaki Shio,

KOBUKURO (uterus), picture is Kobukuro Nama Suyaki (Kobukuro is actually boiled once before its broiled, so its not actually raw even if you order it Nama)

and then TSURU (penis), picture is Tsuru Tare (Tsuru is also boiled once before its broiled). They also have HATSU (heart).

Other dishes are NIKOMI (guts stew), which most people order,

OSHIKO (pickled vegetables), which you can order just OSHINKO DAIKON (pickled Japanese radish) or

OSHINKO KYURI DAIKON (pickled cucumber and Japanese radish).

宇ち多゛tan nama
And if you are lucky, they have specials like TAN NAMA (Boiled tongue) which only about 10 plates are available daily.

Unless you love motsuyaki, this place is def not for you. But if you do, get there at least 30 min before it opens since there will be a long line of people before it opens.


UCHIDA (in Japanese, 宇ち多゛)
Address: 1-18-8 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo (inside Nakamichi Shotegai)
(in Japanese, 東京都葛飾区立石1-18-8 仲見世商店街)
Nearest train station: Keisei Tateishi (1 min walk)
Tel: 03-3697-5738
Reservations: No
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: Monday-Friday 2pm-5pm, Saturday 12pm-3pm (will close when soldout)
Closed: Sunday & Holiday

Prices: Motsuyaki 180 yen
Nikomi 180 yen
Oshinko 180 yen
Shochu 180 yen
Beer Dai (Large bottle of beer) 540 yen
Beer Sho (Small bottle of beer) 360 yen
Seishu Ikkyu (1st grade sake) 280 yen
Seishu Nikkyu (2nd grade sake) 230 yen
Whisky 540 yen
Oolong Tea (Cold) 180 yen
Soda (like Sprite) 180 yen

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六厘舎 outside
Taishoken created tsukemen and is probably the most well known tsukemen shop, but the most popular with the longest wait is ROKURINSHA right under Tokyo station.

六厘舎 tsukemen
Rokurinsha's owner actually worked/trained at Taishoken, but his broth and noodles are different from Taishoken's.

六厘舎 men
Noodles are a bit thicker than Taishoken's

六厘舎 tsuke
and the broth is richer and thicker in texture, but the biggest difference is gyofun (dry fish powder) added when serving tsukemen. Rokurinsha(s owner came up with this idea and many trukemen/ramen shops all over Japan have added this technique. (Its the brown powder, you see in this picture)

六厘舎 dip
Just like any tsukemen, just dip the noodles into the broth and dig in.

六厘舎 ramen
Of course, they offer ramen as well, but 99% of customers order tsukemen.

六厘舎 asatsuke
The biggest difference from their old shop is that they serve ASATSUKEN (breakfast tsukemen) for 630 yen as well. The broth is lighter than what they serve during lunch/dinner hours with no gyofun on top.

六厘舎 asamen
and noodles are a little thinner and portions are smaller than whats served during the day time.

六厘舎 set
They offer ASATSUKE SET (continental Japanese breakfast menu with tsukemen) for 810 yen, which comes with rice, natto, raw egg, pickles and several other dishes.

六厘舎 curry
You can add curry on your rice as well, if you stomach is strong enough to take it.

六厘舎 inside
Rokkurinsha use to have a shop in Osaki in a residential area, but more than 300 people waited outside the shop, which created tension between home owners and they eventually closed the shop. After about a year of hiatus, The wait is not as bad as their original shop, but it could get crazy at times. They recently opened a shop in Osaki again, renting a large room where customers can wait and don't need to create a line outside of the shop.

六厘舎 outside 1

Address: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(Tokyo Station Ichibangai Basement Floor inside Tokyo Ramen Street)
(in Japanese, 東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1 東京駅一番街 B1F 東京ラーメンストリート内)
Nearest train station: JR & Tokyo Metro Tokyo (2 min walk)
Tel: 03-3286-0166
Reservations: No
Website: http://rokurinsha.com/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: No
Credit Card: No
Open: 7:30am-9:45am, 11am-10pm
Closed: None

Prices: Tsukemen 850 yen
Atsumori 850 yen
Karatsu (Spicy tsykemen) 950 yen
Chukasoba (Ramen) 700 yen
Other Ramens & Tsukemens from 680 yen

Toppings: Butanose (Extra boiled pork slices) 300 yen
Butahogushi (Broken boiled pork) 150 yen
Ajitama (Seasoned boiled egg) 100 yen
Menma (Seasoned bamboo shoots) 100 yen
Namatamago (Raw egg) 50 yen
Oomori (Extra large noodles) 100 yen
Asatsuke (Morning tsukemen) 630 yen
Asatsuke Set (Morning tsukemen with rice, natto, egg) 810 yen

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キムカツ outside
Wanna try a different kind of Tonkatsu? There are a couple of places I could think of, but my favorite is KIMUKATSU in Ebisu.

キムカツ up2
What makes their tonkatsu unique is that pork loin is thinly sliced instead of cut into to one thick piece. 25 of them are stacked and made into one regular size tonkatsu.

Some people callキムカツ up
it mille-feuille tonkatsu because of its layers.

キムカツ cheese
You can have the regular tonkatasu, but you can have it with filings and there are 6 of them. Cheese, garlic, kurokosho (black pepper), negi shio (salt marinated green onion), umeshiso (sour plum with Japanese basil and yuzu kosho (yuzu with pepper)). The above picture is cheese.

キムカツ sanpin
If you are more than 2 people, you can order 3, 4 or 5 flavors and share it.

キムカツ set
Or if you are dining by yourself, you can order the set menu with only one tonkatsu for 2,460 yen.

キムカツ kimukatsu sando-crop
You can also do takeouts or bring back a KIMUKATSU SANDO (Kimukatsu sandwich) for 680 yen as omiyage (gift) for your family.

キムカツ inside enlarge
Kimukattsu is owned by a large restaurant group. One of its female employees always thought that most tonkatsu were too oily for women and came up with the idea of Kimukatsu. Because of this their tonkatsu are not oily, but juicy inside. It has become very popular and the wait could be long at times, but it you want to try a different kind of tonkatsu, check Kimukatsu out. They have other locations as well.

キムカツ menu

KIMUKATSU (in Japanese, キムカツ)
Address: 4-9-5 Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-9-5)
Nearest train station: JR or Tokyo Metro Ebisu (3 min walk),
Tel: 03-5420-2929
Reservations: No
Website: http://www.kimukatsu.com/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Thursday, Sunday 11am-10pm
Friday, Saturday & Holiday 11am-11pm
Closed: January 1st

Prices: Kimukatsu (Pork cutlet) 1,480 yen
Atsugiri (Thick pork cutlet) 1,860 yen
Nihin Mori (2 choices of pork cutlet) 2,500 yen
Sanpin Mori (3 choices of pork cutlet) 3,980 yen
Yonpin Mori (4 choices of pork cutlet) 5,400 yen
Gohin Mori (5 choices of pork cutlet) 6,800 yen
Kimukatsu Course (Appetizer, 1 choice of Kimukatsu, Rice. Miso soup, Pickles
Soft drink, desert) 2,460 yen
Atsugiri Course (Appetizer, Atsugiri, Rice. Miso soup, Pickles
Soft drink, desert) 2,840 yen
Takitate Gohan Set (Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles set) 450 yen
Kimukatsu Sando (Kimukatsu sandwich) 680 yen
Other dishes 380-1,000 yen

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IL LUPONE (Nakameguro)

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Thanks for all the messages to continue this blog. I've been real busy lately and just didn't have time to add new posts. I'll try to add a new post once a week, but if I can't at times, it doesn't mean that this blog is finished. So, here is a new post......

イル ルポーネ outside
Nakameguro has several great Italian restaurants and if you want some good Naples style pizza and food of Campagna state (located at southern Italy), IL LUPONE is the place to go.

イル ルポーネ inside 2
Il Lupone, one of the few pizza restaurants which is authorized as genuine Naples style pizza by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Its not only the taste which matters, but how the pizza oven was made, temperature of the oven, and several other factors.

イル ルポーネ マルゲリータ
If you are dining here for the first time, you probably want to try basic pizza, MARGHERITA for 1,500 yen, Mozzarella they use is flown from Naples twice a week and its the real deal.

イル ルポーネ クアトロフォルマッジ
Another favorite is QUATTRO FORMAGGI for 1,900 yen, a pizza topped with four cheese. Mozzarella, Provola, Gorgonzola and Parmigiano Reggiano.

イル ルポーネ カルッツォーネ
If you prefer not to have pizza, their CALZONE for 1,700 yen is good as any other Italian restaurant in Tokyo.

イル ルポーネ ハム類の盛り合わせ
For antipasto, HAM RUI NO MORIAWASE (Assorted Hams) for 1,500 yen,

イル ルポーネ セロリとタコのサラダ。1,300円
MADAKO TOH CELORY NO SALAD (Octopus and Celery Salad) for 1,300 yen,

イル ルポーネ リコッタチーズを詰めた茄子のオーブン焼き
REISEI RICOTTA CHEESE WO TSUMETA NASU NO OVEN YAKI (Baked Ricotta Cheese wrapped with sliced Eggplant served cold) for 1,200 yen,

イル ルポーネ 生シラウオ オリーブオイルとレモン
and when in season, NAMASHIRAUO OLIVE OIL TOH LEMON (Fresh raw Noodlefish with Olive Oil and Lemon) are favorites of regulars.

イル ルポーネ ラグーのジーティタリアーティ
They offer several pastas and my favorite is RAGU NO ZITI TAGLIATI (Ragu Ziti).

イル ルポーネ 自家製サルシッチャのグリル
For your main dish, JIKASEI SAUSAGE NO GRILL (Grilled homemade sausage) for 1,800 yen,

イル ルポーネ もち豚のロースト。2,800円
HONETSUKI ROSU TOH JYAGAIMO NO OVEN YAKI (Grilled Mochi Pork Chop & Potatoes) for 2,800 yen,

イル ルポーネ 鶏のロースト、2,000円
FRANCE SAN HINADORI NO MARUICHIWA ROAST ROSEMARY FUUMI (Roast Chicken in Rosemary flavor) for 2,000 yen are available,

イル ルポーネ コダイのアクアパッツァ
but if you want to have some fish instead there is AQUAPAZZA available as well.

イル ルポーネ menu
Their antipasto and main dish menu changes by the day, so make sure you ask for today's specials. Because their prices are reasonable, its a hard table to get. Its also popular to Italian's living in Tokyo, which tells you that its one of the top southern Italian restaurants in Tokyo.

イル ルポーネ inside

IL LUPONE(in Japanese, イル ルポーネ)
Address: 2-10-19 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都目黒区中目黒2-10-19)
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro or Tokyu Toyoko Nakameguro (6 min walk)
Tel: 03-5722-6789
Reservations: Yes (must)
Website: http://www.il-lupone.jp/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: No
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Tuesday-Friday 6pm-12am Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 12pm-2:30pm, 6pm-10pm
Closed: Monday

Prices: Antipasto 800-1,500 yen
Pizza 1,400-2,300 yen
Pasta 1,300-2,000 yen
Main Dishes 1,800-3,500 yen

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XI'AN (Yurakucho)

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xian outside
When I used to work near Shinbashi, once a week I ate at a Chinese noodle shop which served knife-shaved noodles and cooked them right in front of you. These noodles are called Tohshomen and the shop is XI'AN at Yurakucho.

xian マーラー麺
My favorite noodle soup is MAARAA-TOHSHOMEN (Knife-Shaved Noodle in Spicy Chili Oil Soup) for 700 yen. Its not that spicy for real spicy food lovers like me, but if you're not one it will be.

xian 麺
The noodles are flat, wider and shorter than regular chinese noodles or ramen noodles.

If you want something less spicier, but there is TANTAN-TOHSHOMEN (Knife-Shaved Noodle in Szechuan Style Sesame Soup) for 700 yen. Its still a little spicy and is good for beginners.

xian 酸辣刀削麺
If you like hot and sour soup, there is SANRAA-TOHSHOMEN (Knife-Shaved Noodle in Hot and Sour Soup) for 700 yen.

xian 排骨刀削麺
And there is PAA-KOH-TOSHOMEN (Pork Rib & Knife-Shaved Noodle Soup) for 900 yen, which isn't spicy at all.

xian ザーザイご飯
Many customers order ZAHSAI GOHAN (Szechwan Pickles over Rice) for 200 yen with noodles.

xian 鉄鍋餃子
For side dishes they offer XI'AN-FU YAKI GYOZA (X'ian Style Pan Fried Gyoza) for 400 yen. These prices are for lunch and all dishes become 150 yen more expensive during dinner hours.

xian ショーロンポー
They have various side dishes for dinner time like XI'AN XIAOLONGBAO (Xi'an Style Soup Duppling) for 600 yen.

xian 麻辣火鍋
For dinner, they serve MAARAA-HINABE (Spicy Hot Pot) for 2,630 yen per person. It comes with various meats, seafood and vegetables. The hot pot soup is comes in two flavors. Extra spicy and none spicy. It is the most common eaten hot pot in China.

xian 刀削麺
If you want to have real Chinese style knife-shaved noodles, Xi'an is one of the few places that I recommend in Tokyo. There are multiple locations in Tokyo, so check their website and find one near where you are.

xian inside

XI’AN (in Japanese, 西安 有楽町店)
Address: 1-2-7 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都千代田区有楽町1-2-7)
Nearest train station: JR Yuraku-cho (2 min walk) or Tokyo Metro Hibiya (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3503-2525
Reservations: Yes
Website: http://www.gnavi.co.jp/xian/ (in Japanese only)
English menu: Yes
Credit Card: Yes
Open: Monday-Saturday 11am-2pm 5:30pm-10pm,
Sunday & Holidays 11am-2:30pm 5pm-9pm
Closed: None

Prices: Maaraa-Tohshomen (Knife-Shaved Noodle in Spicy Chili Oil Soup) Dinner 850 yen Lunch 700 yen
Tantan-Tohshomen (Knife-Shaved Noodle in Szechuan Style Sesame Soup) Dinner 850 yen Lunch 700 yen
Sanraa-Tohshomen (Knife-Shaved Noodle in Hot and Sour Soup) Dinner 850 yen Lunch 700 yen
Paa-Koh-Toshomen (Pork Rib & Knife-Shaved Noodle Soup) Dinner 1,050 yen Lunch 900 yen
Xi'an-Fu Yaki Gyoza (X'ian Style Pan Fried Gyoza) Dinner 520 yen Lunch 400 yen
Zahsai Gohan (Szechwan Pickles over Rice) 200 yen (available for lunch only)
Han Chahan (Fried Rice Half Size) 300 yen (available for lunch only)
Maaraa-Hinabe (Spicy Hot Pot) 2,630 yen (available for dinner only)
Xi'an Xiaolongbao (Xi'an Soup Duppling) 600 yen (available for dinner only)
Other dishes for lunch are between 200-880 yen and for dinner 430-3,380 yen

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KAWASAKI (Ryogoku)

Posted by Tokyo Joe on 20.2012 Izakaya & Nabe 3 comments 0 trackback
川崎 outside
Nabe (Hot pot) which sumo wrestlers eat daily after practice is Chanko nabe and one of the most famous restaurants which serves this is KAWASAKI at Ryogoku.

川崎 ちゃんこコース砂肝、レバー、ハツのタレ焼き
The menu at Kawasaki is pretty simple and more than 90% of their customers order CHANKO COURSE for 4,940 yen. It starts out with several yakitori's like SUNAGIMO, LIVER, HATSU (Marinated chicken gizzard, liver and heart),

川崎 ちゃんこコースモモ肉の塩焼き
MOMOYAKI (Salted chicken thigh meat),

川崎 ちゃんこコースつくね
and then TSUKUNE (minced chicken meat).

川崎 ちゃんこコースとりわさ
Next you get to choose either TORIWASE (Lightly boiled chicken breast)

川崎 とりサラダ
or TORI SALAD (Chicken salad)

川崎 ちゃんこコース1
And next the main dish, which is chanko nabe, which will actually be ready on your table when you arrive.

川崎 ちゃんこの肉
Kawasaki's chanko nabe is a simple chicken broth nabe flavored by salt and soy sauce, which includes chicken

川崎 ちゃんこの野菜
various vegetables, not seafood or port like other chanko restaurants.

川崎 おじや
After you finish eating chicken and vegetables, they will make OJIYA (Rice porridge), which is the best part of the meal for most customers.

川崎 平やき
They only have a few extra side dishes which you can order if you aren't full like HIRAYAKI (Grilled chicken thigh meat),

川崎 とりたたき
and TORI TATAKI (Chicken sashimi) for both 840 yen.

川崎 inside
There are many other chanko nabe restaurants with a larger variety of food selection, but if you want to experience a traditional chanko nabe in a old Japanese house, try Kawasaki at Ryogokui and make sure you make a reservation before you visit. Its actually close to the sumo arena so if you happen to be watching sumo that day, you may want to have dinner after the match at Kawasaki since the sumo matches will finish at 6pm.

川崎 menu

KAWASAKI (in Japanese, 川崎)
Address: 2-13-1 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都墨田区両国2-13-1)
Nearest train station: JR or Toei Subway Ryogoku (3 min walk)
Tel: 03-3631-2529
Reservations: Yes (must)
Website: None
English menu: None
Credit Card: No
Open: Monday-Saturday 5pm-9pm
Closed: Sunday & Holiday

Prices: Chanko Course 4,940 yen
Chanko 3,050 yen
Yakitori 790 yen
Hirayaki (Grilled chicken) 840 yen
Tsukune (Broiled chicken meatballs) 840 yen
Toriwasa (Lightly boiled chicken) 840 yen
Toritataki (Chicken sashimi) 840 yen
Tori Salad (Chicken salad) 840 yen
Tarusake (Sake in bamboo barrel) 840 yen
Sake 740 yen
Beer 740 yen

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